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NSCLS Adeno Stage 2,need advice

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Hello Everyone,My father is 61 years old and he was diagnosed with NSCLC Adeno about two months ago,and then a surgery was made to cut off the tumor in the lobe of bottom left lung.Acoording to what Surgeon said,the surgery was made successfully,all the visable tumor was cut off cleanly,after surgey,doctore sent the tumor and other tissue for a pathological inspection.Now the test result is T1aN1M0,the stage is IIA.

We also sent the cut tissue for Gene Mutation Test immediately ,and it is EGFR 21 L858R Positive,mutation abundance 22.75%。

As the test result shows 10% of micropapillary predominant,oncologist said tumor is easy to get recurrence.

Now the treatment plan offered by our doctor is that my father should take EGFR-TKI drug treamen immediately,I asked doctore why not take chemotherapy treament first ? Doctor said my father may only got little beneficial from Chemotherapy or even totally inefficacy.

My questions is,Is it OK to take EGFR-TKI drugs now ? Since my father NSCLC is only Stage IIA.I also learned from some other patients' treatment plan,some of them are accepted Chemo treament first after surgery.If take EGFR-TKI drug,which drug is better ? Tarceva or Tagrisso ?Thank you very much in advance for all suggestion.


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