Welp here we go

Cinnamongirl Member Posts: 199

Welp here we go.. the next ten days will be spent treating my two lung mets... I know I do not post a lot but I do read everyday. 
I want to thank you all for always being informative, supportive and encouraging.
I hope this finds you all well, happy and hopeful!
Wish me luck


  • Retcenturion
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    Good luck

    Good luck Cin. Will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts you got this.

  • marosa
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    Good luck Cin!

    Wishing you well in your treatment. Sending positive vibes your way.

  • eug91
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    GO CIN GO!

    You're gonna do great. Sending you prayers and virtual hugs. You've got this! 

  • Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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    You've been thru trying times in the past-you're a fighter. One more obstacle to get over.  Hope the procedure is not too taxing on you and you will be back to yourself in no time-Best of luck -June

  • Mighty Frog
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    Good luck & All the best to you Cin

    And wish you speedy recovery........

  • ImNotDeadYet
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    Keep fighting, Cin. You've

    Keep fighting, Cin. You've got this  

  • Jan4you
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    Hey sweetie! Please remember

    Hey sweetie! Please remember how much WE all care about you! We'll be here for you ALL THE WAY~

    Hope you have family and close friends to surround you with love and support too~

    Sending  you CALM, HOPE and HEALING!!

    Gentle Hugs, 


  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    What Jan said

    strength Cin

    love and laugh

    y will be out the other side soon



  • Manufred
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    Good Luck

    You are probably well into this treatment by now, so I hope it is going well.  All the good luck I can bring you is yours.

    Best Wishes, Fred

  • APny
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    All the very best to you. You

    All the very best to you. You've been through so much; now it's time to kick this thing in the butt!

  • Cinnamongirl
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    All done

    Today was treatment 10/10. Feeling pretty tired! Follow up in a month. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support.  I hope you all are well and happy!


  • eug91
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    Nice job, Cin! 

  • APny
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    Glad it's done. Keeping

    Glad it's done. Keeping fingers crossed for good follow up results. Hang in there; you got this!

  • Allochka
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    Great, wishing you NED now!

    Great, wishing you NED now! Rest now, youndeserve it!