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FOLFIRI and impaired vision

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I will most likely be starting my next round of chemo soon. FLIRI(which is similar to FOLFIRI) and Avastin. One of the side effects of the chemo listed is reduced/impaired vision. This is a side effect of Atropine, which you get with the treatment to reduce side effects of irinotecan. Has anyone experience with impaired vision and FOLFIRI?



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I have it. It actually went away last time. 

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I had atropine for 7 rounds of folfiri. My eyes were blurry when I first woke up but would improve over a couple of hours. Now, I have glasses, so my vision is not perfect to begin with. My last folfiri was in June, and no vision issues remaing


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double vision and blurriness  worse for a few days after chemo, but is a constant   Especially in the morning and late evening   They’ve cut my atropine dose in half which helps some.   Dry eyes too.  

After my first go round with treating this disease my vision decreased dramatically requiring an Rx. For  glasses.   Only used readers before 

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Yes, same here.

The first 12 cycles FOLFOX - Neuropathy.

Now into 3 cycles FOLFIRI - Blurred vision, hair lost.

Both low WBC and Platelet.

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Thanks for the responses! You guys really are a resourceful group of people.

I'll have to make some plans for how to be able to/from hospital & work. I assume driving a car with blurred eyesigth migth not be the best idea. I was hoping to be able to at least work part-time during chemo, rather than sit at home and stare at the wall... Public transport isn't the most tempting alternative either, when the immune system is challenged.


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As well as blurred vision, I lost my peripheral vision. Pulling into our driveway in my husband's car, I misjudged and crashed into a rock, tree and mail box.  I thus didn't drive until after treatment. 

Good luck as you head into your new treatment plan!


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my husband started getting dry eye and "white pimples " after 7/8/9 cycles... doc said it's a common "side effect " so to use any OTC. we are going for the 14th soon, seems like it got better, but here and there the eyes pop up red....

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Joan M
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But no problems driving.... yet!  However, after reading this especially Tru's experience, I think I'll try to get a ride home next time.  That is pretty scary.  I've also noticed that my eye glass prescription isn't working as well since I've been of Folfiri but as so many say this seems to be temporary and not last beyond a few days.  


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Being on Folfox my vision was impaired and my eyes twitched terrible and got blurry almost like looking through a haze.  My doctor said that doesn't happen but I've heard of others that it did.  Didn't like her anyway.  The twitching went away but my eye vision has gotten really bad since.


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