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PSA going up after radiation 3 years ago

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My test prior to this 6 month as ago it was 1.3 now it is 2.3 .

 Went from 4.8 to 1.3 over the last couple years from the time of radiation treatments.

I also had a stroke November 20th during a carotid stent procedure right side. I am a little shell shocked at the moment

so is this any thing to worry about.

Old Salt
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I suggest you have the PSA test repeated and follow it more closely this year. Hope it will all turn out well.

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I do not recall your full treatment but if radiation is your only therapy then we could think on bounce as commented by Old Salt. If hormonal drugs were included in your treatment then refractory could be the cause of the increase in PSA. Surely one can not rule out an error at the laboratory.

What is the opinion of your doctor?



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Met with DR today on a schedualled appointment..  Gonna have another PSA test in April when I see my Radiation oncologist.  As mentioned I had a stroke and was hospitalized for a week on 11/20 and had a catheder inserted for 3 days. Dr thinks that could be one of many reasons for the uptick.. They are gonna watch it closely.. Good news Stoke didn't kill me and I am back to about 99%.  So the score is.  Me  4  Grim Reaper 0 . Problem is grim reaper only has to score once..   

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