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Wow! Platelets were 41K today.

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Good thing I had stopped my blood thinner a couple of weeks ago, in anticipation of a low platelet count.  My hemoglobin was only 9.1, too, but I felt great before the Herceptin - now just a little tired and shaky.  I had been warned that Carboplatin alone was more bone marrow toxic than when it's administered with Taxol.  Hopefully it will come up soon.  

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Oh no! I had heard that about the combination, seems so crazy doesn't it? Good luck with the issue, I luckily never had a problem with low platelets or anema from chemo.

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That's amazing, Lisa, that you didn't even have anemia.  My platelets go so low because I already had borderline low platelets from something that is causing splenomegaly, possibly completely unrelated to the cancer, that might be causing my spleen to trap and destroy platelets.  But I had no problem with anemia before treatement, and my hemoglobin drops with each treatment, then recovers.  I just have to hope that I don't form a clot before my platelets recover.

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I had my platelets go down to 14,000.  I got was is called "petechiae."  It's very small red spots on your skin, mine was on my shins.  I received 2 blood transfusions.  The was after my last treatment of taxol and carbo.  I'm fine now.

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After my brain surgery...few months, I was seeing my oncologist for my weekly blood draw when I told them that I had this amazing crazy nose bleed and that I had red dots all over my legs...right after telling them that...one of the blood work folks ran in and told them my platelets were 4,000! I'm lucky I only had to walk across the street to emergengy and was in the hospital for a few days til it got brought back up to normal.. Haven't had an issue since! Crazyness we deal with!


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That is one adorable pup.

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Fourteen?  That's pretty low.  scary.

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