3 month vs 6 month following surgery

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I am seeing quite a few people who are having CT's at 3 months following surgery. My first isn't scheduled until 6 months. I was just wondering what everyone else had? Thanks!


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    No one size fits all

    A lot of things go into your scanning schedule. Size and type of  tumor, pathology your doctor'e touch, insurance coverage, current and changing protocols. radiation exposure. continuing and changing medical studies etc, As I remember my first scan was almost 5 months out.




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    ask your doctor-

    My doctor scheduled a 6 month CT scan after my neph. I was kinda concerned and talked to him about it. He didn't want too many CT scans too quickly, so we're sticking with 6 months. 

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    Everything iceman said is correct.  I would add that the stage and grade of your tumor is quite relevant, and any symptoms a person may be experiencing.  

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    Thank you guys!

    Thank you guys!

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    Mine set for a year out

    i had my robotic partial on 3/4. Was 2.5cm, stage T1a, grade 3. Was surprised they set my follow-up CT etc for a year out. 


    However, I have an annual pancreas screen later this year, which is how they saw the kidney tumor in the first place. Hopefully with all this scanning they will find anything else going on. 


    A year, though, does seem long based on what I’ve read on this board...

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    Yes, A year sounds longer

    Yes, A year sounds longer than I usually have heard as well!