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4 weeks post robotic partial nephrectomy with burning pain and severe bloating

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i had a partial nephrectomy robotically for an “unclassified” renal tumor. 31/2 weeks ago. 

I have severe superficial burnishing sensation / parenthesia on my skin from umbilicus ( where drain was) to flank and hips.

i am very bloated having gained probably about 10 lbs  after 1 week post op. Worse in the evening. 

I have burning pain in RLQ and flank when walking ( each step hurts ) feels like a very bad ‘stitch’

i Am not constippared - been having regular bowel movements except for today . was off narcotics 1 week post op - started agsin a few days ago due to the burning pain. 

I am very uncomfortable.  Worried that something else is going on.  That perhaps the robotics surgery did something. 

I also had anterior and posterior spinal fusion surgery 3 months ago ( how they found the kidney cancer) . My body is beaten up - I cannot fit in any clothes and cannot work on my core to help my spine.  It is not because I am overeating - and I try to walk at least a mile a day despite the pain. 

What do you think is going on? I am miserable and also having increased anxiety. 

Thand you 

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i had parc. neph. right kidney 5 weeks ago. still burning pain under right shoulder blade. doctor said not related. did ct today. seee what he'll say tomorrow. 

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hope  CT is negative 

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Shoulder pain  could be problematic.  I hope the CT was negative.

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To me it sounds like you are expecting too much too soon.  Your surgeries were traumatic to your body and you need much more time to allow healing.  Your desire to get back to normal is wonderful, as are your walks.  I do believe that if you are concerned about your recovery that you should call your doctor and inform them of your concerns.

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If you haven't already, reach out to your doctor and ask. After my neph, I had some weird bleeding from one of my incisions that freaked me out, but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. He turned out to be right. 

Anyways, probably just the regular healing process, but contact your doctor to get some peace of mind. 

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i had bloodwork and an ultras today - all normal.  maybe  they should ultrasound my brain???

thanks for the feedback and support. 

I did have some uterine bleeding but have been on a blood thinner ... maybe that is why I am so bloated. Weight gain had been 13 lbs in 3 weeks....  and I eat very little. 

But you are all probably right. I have had 2 major surgeries back to back and I guess I need to relax. 

Thanks again. 

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The first month after my neph was anything but fun. Add to it another surgery and a few other health issues and you got more than you bargained for. Heres to a better 2nd month and continued improvement after that.





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I am glad you are writing to us. I would not depend on our answers alone. Glad your doctor saw you. Have you mentioned this to your GYN doctor at all? Just cover all your bases so you can have peace of mind. Then let us know how you are doing. We do feel for you!

Sending you CALM, HOPE and continued healing!


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I have reached out to my doctor.... and don't seem to have any dfinitive reasons as to why I still have so much pain in my abdomen 5 weeks post op. All the reports I read say - people are supposed to have no pain after 1- 2 weeks.  My problem is that I also had spinal fusion surgery ( anteriot and posterior approach) it is essential for my back that I strengthen my core - but my core has completely vanished and I am still bloated - worse at the end of the day - and cannot even pull my stomach muscles in due to abdominal pain.  The back has started to flare up too since I have no core support..... Yikes.... 

Thank you for your CALM HOPE FOR CONTINUED HEALING.      

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Dimon, I have had the same pain under the shoulder blade and my doc also says it is not related. I would love to hear how your CT scan goes.

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ct was ok dc. said it nerves. pain up and down. i do healthy diet - veg. salad, soup with grinded flax seed and other things..  as i started  pooping regularly - pain subsides. still have periodical pain for 1-2 days. 

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Definitely keep the conversation going with your doctor regarding how you're feeling. 

I'm not sure who got the crazy idea that you're "not supposed" to have pain after 1 or 2 weeks, especially since it's your second major surgery in a short period of time. Let's see: Your innards were cut open, stuff shoved out of the way, some stuff taken out, remaining stuff put back in place, things fastened back together again. Pain is - among other things - your body's way of saying, "Hey, I'm trying to heal here - give me some slack!" 

And while you're healing, fashion says go for a muumuu or baggy sweat pants. Bloat happens. 

Also, be sure you don't slouch or sag into a sort of C-shape (makes the pain worse). It may be painful to use your core muscles to sit up straight, but if you concentrate on pulling your shoulder blades down just a wee bit, that'll help straighten up. 

All the best. Keep us (and your doctor) posted - !

Madame Y
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Hi Rightasrain,

I had a partial nephrectomy this March and experienced bloating very similar to yours after the surgery. I also completely understand your frustration with not being able to exercise, I think that really adds to the post surgery trauma. The only thing I can say is that I am finallly feeling like I am making progress eight weeks post surgery. You need to give yourself time and once you are feeling stronger, you could perhaps start a gentle form of exercise like walking or swimming to aid your recovery. The very best of luck.

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