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DR didn't say no medical marijuana

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Tosil cancer .. removed tonsils and lymph nodes,except one .  You guessed it cancer was bak in that node 8mts later.Had sugery again and now have 18 rads of 33 and 4 chemos of 7.   I just today asked  about eatables for the pain.   Dr's answer was I wouldn't tell you no.  BUt think about it when treatments are done ,so not to add anything in the mix . Gives me something about anyway when I'm in pain in4 weeks.  Also have a mouth sores from radation bouncing off my teeth fillin


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say no to medical marajuana....my old Oncologist said do it!  Maybe you’ll gain some weight!  The new Oncologist said if it helps you sleep and helps pain go ahead....just don’t think it cures cancer, it doesn’t. I have some white chocolate cubes, but they’re sitting in the freezer....one of these days I’ll try one. 


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My 74 year old FIL's doctor told him to do whatever works for him!

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FYI - just for clarification, for all intense and purposes, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are all the same thing - as long as you're talking about legally regulated marijuana.

When I was diagnosed and being treated for stage 3 BOT SCC, I was prescribed all manner of opioid. I decided early on not to take any of it and instead get my hands of recreation legal marijuana from a nearby state (wasn't legal in Oklahoma at the time). 

I'm very thankful I did. I credit it for the fact I got through treatment without the need for a Peg tube, never once threw up, kept some of my appetite and was able to sleep. Plus, none of the side effects of opioids and no worry of post treatment addiciton.

I definitely say "Go for it!"

As for my doctor - she said I should do whatever I felt was best.

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