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Still standing. More or less...

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The deed is done. 

Had my kidney removed yesterday. Still in the hospital, but on the up and up. Want to share my experience for all, and maybe for to help others if they ever get into this situation.

  • Got here bright and early. The nurses were all lovely and attentive. They recognized that I was nervous and tried to reassure me at every step. Answering questions and being transparent. Ask, ask, ask. No question is dumb!
  • I was concerned about he anesthesia (I posted earlier about it). Don't. The anesthesiologist acknolwedged this and worked through his assistants for this. They gave me the inital tranq and when I went to the OR, and they put the mask on my face I didn't even count. Out like a light and next thing I know I'm in recovery five hours later
  • The doctor told me that the mass was slightly larger than he expexted, but along the lines of what we discussed prior to the op. No spreading, no nodes. I think he took a bit of adrenal gland, but that was about it. Now we wait for the pathology results. He's "cautiously" optimistic. As am I
  • The pain in the abdominal area is tolerable. The pain in the shoulders, from the anesthesia, is hard. If you're in pain, speak up. 
  • Got put on a liquid diet and I ordered a vegetable soup which wasn't half bad. I expect to have something more substantial this morning
  • My BP has been up and down because of the pain. Normal, I suppose

Part of me is releived that this thing is out. I'm hoping that the pathology report comes back as we expected, and I can move on. I do understand that there will be many follow ups, scans, labs. It's something I will need to adjust to. Also changes in my lifestyle are coming.

Thanks to all for being here. I'm not going away any time soon. I consider this an initiation into a fraternity that no one wants to belong to, but a fraternity nonetheless.

Will keep you posted.

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Bay Area Guy
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congratulations on getting through this step.  Forgive me for not recalling, but were you an open or robotic, and was it full or partial?

Regarding the abdominal pain, make friends with a pillow and show it your love by hugging it tight against your abdomen.  It helps a lot.  Not much other than walking will get the shoulder discomfort out.  Make sure to do the breathing exercises.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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In my haze I was really impressed to see the darned machine. Straight out of a sci-fi flick.

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So good to hear it went well. Amazing your on the computer I couldn't. Walk, rest, recover. It does get better. Sending positive thoughts your way.

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Great News!  This post is giving me hope. Hang in there. 

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Just kidding.



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For a nice chocolate milkshake.

The gas is the most painful thing right now. The pain in the abdomen is a given, but the gas just refuses to leave. 

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You did it! Take it easy and listen to your body, but don't forget to walk when you can, drink plenty of water, and if they gave you one, use the spirometer. 

As for the shoulder discomfort, after you get home, heat pads on the shoulders really helped me. 

And yes, please keep us posted. 

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It's behind you now. Hope you feel better with time. 

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Behind you! Rest and take care of yourself.

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Glad its all behind you and you can move on. I hope by now you have had your chocolate shake. You've earned it! 

Take care, 


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Hey, hey hey, Citizen its YOUR time now! We're here to help and support you in your recovery!

Now that dang gas. Its NOT inside but trapped outside your intestines. I used to keep moving my arm around in circles over and over. Walking also helps. 

AND ICE packs over the inciscions, esp the largest one~! I used ice right away in the hospital, but no one would give me any. The PT gals got a latex glove and put ice cubes in it for me.  At home, I wore this lumbar wrap for bad backs around my abdomen. i put ice packs (not ice cubes. too messy). Ice reduces swelling and therefore I didn't need to use opiates much at all after a few days.

I wore that lumbar wrap all the time, even to bed. It helped me get UP and down more easily. It helped me walk better too.

Keep us posted! REST, REST, REST after doing your walks. Take a few "daze" for general anesthesia to completely be processed out of your system. I think you said you had your kidney removed, yes? So know that medications affect you more with only 1 kidney to metabolize. And no anti inflammatory meds any longer. i miss those as I am not one to use Opiates. Here for you, all the way!

Keep us posted hon

Sending you "gentle" healing hugs,



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So glad the surgery is behind you. Yes, the gas pain is pretty bad until it finally passes; you'll be so relieved. The "make a friend with your pillow" comment is dead on. I used one even while walking. Speaking of which, walk as much as possible. It does help to aleviate the gas faster. Wishing you a good path report and speedy recovery!

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Mighty Frog
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Wishing you speedy recovery and make sure get enough rest.

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