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3 month Scan TOday- worried about GB

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I just received my results from my MRI - I am 3 months post surgery.  Everything said remarkable except my gallbladder.  Says my gallbladder is intrinsically T1 hyperintense?  Then at the bottome says this "Intrinsic gallbladder T1 hyperintensity is indeterminant and may be secondary to biliary sludge, prior contrast administration, or, less likely, hemorrhage."


Does anyone know what this could mean?  Still waiting to hear back from my doctor.  I am so sick worried.  I am only 33, young mom with 4 kids.  Ugh.

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Intrinsic gallbladder is gallbladder wall thickening. Which could mean that you have Cholecystitis.  If you are not having bad abd pain then no need to worry.  If you are having pain then you might need to have your gallbladder removed.  I had mine removed when I was 40.  Surgery lasted 19 minutes and I went home that day.  

Biliary sludge is just bile that stays in the gallbladder too long.  

This is a very common condition 

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Ok so is this something that is diet related?  Like did I cause this?  My dad was telling me I need to clean up my diet even more.  I dont feel like I eat terrible by any means so not sure how it would have happened.  Can the thickening go away???

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I work myself up a lot during the waiting game. I know it's nearly impossible, but try to wrap your time and thoughts up with other things until you can meet with your doc. Family, friends and prayer have helped me through tough times. Personally, I always tend to read way more into test results than what the doctors do... Hang in there!

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