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Spouse Diagnosed - 31

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Hello everyone,


My husband has recently been diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of 31. It's been a huge shock, not just for him, but for myself as well. 3 weeks ago, we took him the ER due to vomiting, severe constipation, and pain in his abdomen. He had been having on and off symptoms of IBS since December 2018. His PCP (who we are no longer seeing) gave him meds and told him it wasn't anything serious. At most when we took him to the ER, I thought appendicitis. It was like our world had collapsed when they said it was probably cancer before performing his surgery. He had surgery the next day to remove the obstruction and ended up with an ileostomy bag. 

The biopsy results came through a few days later it was noted as "Invasive Adenocarcinoma with Signet Ring and Mucinous Features" (Stage 3C with 11 of 21 lymph nodes positive).I can't seem to find anything specific to this and it seems to be different than Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma, which seems to be bad. We're starting 6 months of FOLFOX 2 weeks from now and have asked that scans are performed every 4 cycles. Does anyone have any experience with this type of cancer? We're really just lost right now. Thanks.

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I would make sure they look at the mutation status and degree of mutation of his tumors, MSI.  Signet ring often involves a high number of mutations and the new PD1 inhibitor drugs (Keytruda, etc), even in combination with other drugs, might be radically useful.  They are new, in many cases still experimental.  Ask around the forums about this, it could be really important.

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Signet ring is the key term here. They don t usually know how to deal with that one in local centers. You need the major cancer hospital for that. 

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I know nothing about the type of colon cancer your husband has been diagnosed with. I just wanted to say that I'm terrible sorry and I hope you get some answers.

Take care,


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Thank you so much. We have loved ones that are here for us but no one really knows what we're going through and this forum really helps. 

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Thank you everyone for the responses. We luckily live in the Washington DC Metro area with Johns Hopkins close by. His tumor is MSS, which I know is the worse than MSI. I'm just really afraid that at the end of chemo, we'll be worse off and since it has not spread to any other organs at the moment, we're in a really crucial stage.

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I am sorry that you have found yourself here. 

You will find a great community and friends here on the forum. 

I wish your husband all the best. 


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Thank you!

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Oh I’m so sorry to welcome you to this forum. I don’t know much about this cancer. I, too, live in the DC area. I had my surgery at Mercy hospital in Baltimore by a surgeon who was previously at Johns Hopkins. He was excellent. Im sending love and strength to you both. Keep the Faith!


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