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17 Years Later!

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Lisa Rose
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17 Years Later!


Hello CSN Family, 

Just wanted to share hope and inspiration to anyone starting this journey.


Brief History: March 20, 2002 I had my surgery for Rectal Cancer at age 40.

Stage 3C with 10 positive Lymph Nodes

Had follow up Chemo and Chemo/ Radiation Combo

No Recurrences


So on this beautiful sunny day and the first day of spring I am thrilled to be starting my 18th year in remission.



Lisa Rose


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Lisa Rose, it's always great to hear someone say they have been NED for so long! I wish you continued NED status! 

Thanks. It is encouraging!


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And congratulations for your 18 years NED. What w wonderful feeling, and how wonderful for you to come and share your joy and hope with us. 

Here's to 18 plus 18 plus 18 more years NED. 


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That is wonderful.  Thank you for sharing and giving us all hope and inspiration.

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Joan M
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I love hearing about long term survivors. I found this board doing a search for those who have survived colon cancer. 

I was diagnosed 3 years ago at stage 4 and am still fighting this disease.  I was told I had 6 to 18 months, so have lived twice as long as they said with stage 4 colon cancer. 

Thank you so much for the giving us all hope!


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I just read your profile. Is the chemo killing off some of the tumors? Sorry if asking too much. I had colon and liver resections, then chemo. Had recurrence right away. Jan, had scan that shows just remaining cells in liver, and a nodule on lung that they can't seem to decide if is scarring from a cold or cancer. They say they doubt cancer for many reasons, one being that it would not have grown since the folfox works so well on my liver tumors. Anyway, getting a scan tomorrow to see if those cells in liver were killed off, and if they can tell what the nodule is. I am trying to gear myself up in case bad news. My doctor wouldn't discuss any scenarios for bad news, because he said not enough info to determine a plan before we know.

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Inspirational.  Thank you for letting us know.

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   Big hug from downunder. The worst part about long term survival Is the friends we have made and lost over the years. But you are still here and still posting and that makes me feel less alone. Thanks and best wishes for the future,  Ron 21 yrs and counting.

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With stage 3 it is quite possible. Stage 4 is different....

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Really?  I think Lisa knows that.  This is a post of celebration. Please, celebrate Lisa with us. 


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Lily Flower
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I find you to be a Debbie Downer. Almost everything you write is so negative and discouraging. Like Tru said, celebrate with Lisa Rose! 

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Thanks for stopping in, 17 years is an awesome story for you and for this place to hear. I hope you have many more good unfettered years to enjoy and share with all.................................................Dave

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Wow thank you so much for posting.  I've not seen you on here in a long time so it's glad to see someone come back and share their story from so long ago.  Wishing you continued success in the future and enjoy life.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to post your good news.  It gives so much hope on this god forsaken roller coaster.  Hope you have many more years of happiness.

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Lily Flower
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Your story should be very inspiring for everyone still fighting. Thank you for sharing and may you stay NED forever! 

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Wonderful news!! Very happy for you!

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I found this site last night and was hoping to find more posts like this one. 

I am 42 years old and was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer. I'm still waiting for an MRI to be scheduled for staging, but my CT and bloodwork were all good, so my fingers are crossed. But the biopsy of the polyp that was removed during colonoscopy indicated lymphovascular invasion, so my colorectal surgeon is already recommending chemo and radiation in addition to the resection surgery. 

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Welcme to the forum.  Nobody wants to be here, so I am sorry that you have found yourself needing to be here as well. 

May I suggest you open a thread of your very own, so that we can welcome you to the forum.  

Here is the link  https://csn.cancer.org/forum/128   

We can help you on this journey, for sure.


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There are more posts like this one. If it's in the lymph nodes you'll be at stage three. I was staged at three 5 years ago and have been stage four for the last 3 years. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Keep coming back and you'll be surprised at the support and knowledge you receive!


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Lisa Rose! You rock!! What amazing news! I love it! Thank you for giving us all hope for the future! Keep up the good fight.



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