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Test Results

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Just got back from meeting with my surgeon.  Went over the test results, from the MRI and Bone Scan,  My gleason scores were in the 7,8,9, my PSA high was 9.  The positive thing is the tests show that nothing has advanced past the prostate.  Doctor felt I was and excellent candidate for prostate surgery.  He was concerned that the cancer was an advance cancer (gleason 7,8.9), so he felt it was wise to go ahead and remove the nerves as well.  Also, probably to do radiation, but would know more once he does the surgery.   Does any know the difference between radiation treatment and chemo treatment.  I know this is just the beginning, but I felt much better know that it has not spread.  He felt we caught if very early.



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Bill, there is no way to know for certain that cancer has not escaped the capsule. Your doctor may have an educated guess on this, but no current testing available in medicine will detect microscopic escape, if it has occured.  What I suspect the doctor is saying is that the test results show no escape.  It would be more forthright for him to add that nonetheless escape still may have happened.

Surgery may be pretty reasonable, since you have an aggressive situation.  The gland removed would tell a pathologist more about whether escape has occured.   But regardless, radiation after surgery is probably advisable.

Radiation is potentially curative against PCa -- it will kill all of the disease in many cases.  Chemotherapy is not curative against PCa, and is mostly used against it as a pallative treatment, and mostly in very late stage disease.  To avoid confulsion, I will explain that there are many forms of cancer that various chemo drugs WILL cure, its just that PCa is not ordinarily regarded as one of them.

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Thanks for the follow up.  You are correct in that the Dr stated that it does not appear it has spread.  The MRI and Body Scan did not show anythinhg.   He felt removing the nerves was advisable just in case any microscopic cells did get out and do the radiation has a precaution.   I realize nothing is for certain until they remove the prostate and stest it, but at least I feel we are on the move forward.

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You may want to look at some studies as to what is the most effective treatment for high risk PCa.




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