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stage 0 breast cancer

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I went for my annual mammogram and found that my stage 0 breast cancer has returned. the doctor that performed the lumpectomy the first time does general surgery and specializes in breast surgery, but is not an oncologist. I don't know whether to continue with her or go to an oncologist. I need answers; please help.

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Hi Magi, I am sorry to hear that your Stage 0 breast cancer has returned. I had atypical ductal hyperplasia minute focus so I have been a high risk patient. Then in December I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Stage 0. I hope that your surgean can explain the cancer to you based on your biopsy and she can explain your trieatment options to you. Do you have a breast cancer wellness center near you? If the surgeon can not help you I would seek out a breast cancer wellness center near you.  They can help you with mammograms, biopsy, treatment and hopefully help you with scheduling your appointments with the right doctors you need. I have one in the area that I live. It is all very overwhemling and they have been a terrific help. I have my first surgery coming up in a few weeks. I will be meeting with plastic surgery, radiology and oncology later.  I hope for the best for you and good health. 

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I dont know where your from but PLEASE find a university hospital for a second opinion.  They have all the right docs in one spot ( onocoligist and surgeons) that do it all and have many many many times over.   

Keep us updated.  HUGS and Prayers,



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