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Here we go!

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So surgery in Wednesday.

The urologist confirmed the tumor's size, but he also confirmed that it has not spread outside of the kidney. So it's going to be a radical kidney procedure, as opposed to the radical 'plus'.

I'm relieved that it's not that extensive, so there.

Any pointers for before and after will be appreciated.

I guess I'll see you all on the flip side?

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The advantage of the larger size tumor is getting ton the head of the line. I have a colonoscopy Wed so I will share with you the prep tomorrow. Hopefully  you can watch the NCAA games starting Thursday even if you can't ju,p up and down.



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We'll see how it goes. I've at least had the confidence that there are people in worse shape than I in my family that had gone under anesthesia and have done OK. I suppose it's safe. It's just scary.

Not a big basketball fan, but since I'm not going anywhere I'll give it a shot. Thank goodness for Youtube TV!

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Before- don't read too much stuff about kidney cancer on the internet.  Trust your team.

After- The day or two after the surgery may be very painful.  They will make you walk around your hospital wing and tell you to walk when you are discharged home.  Walk.  Walk a lot.  It aids in the healing process.  It also keeps you from sitting down and thinking too much.  Walk some more--I walked 2-3 times more than I was told to walk, and it helped my recovery.

Drink a lot of water.  Just water.  Not sweetened drinks.  Water is the second big part of your recovery.

I had a hard time sleeping in bed for a couple of weeks afte surgery because I sleep on my stomach.  I slept in a recliner.

Coughing, sneezing and laughing may be painful for a week or so.  Have a nice sized pillow to clutch/hug when you need to cough/sneeze/laugh.

You may experience constipation a day or two after surgery.  The pain killers will do that.  First bowel movement was a challenge.


That's all I can remember right now.  Good luck!!!

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If you haven't already, check out my story here to get an idea of what I went through- https://csn.cancer.org/node/318416

Otherwise, like the others said, lots of water and lots of walking. We'll be thinking of you - you're gonna do great. 


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