How does kidney cancer spread

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Im really trying hard to avoid google search and one question i never really asked the doc was how does it spread exactly.  Iv wondered if the cells are floating around but the body immune system takes care of them until it gets to big and overwhelms the immune system. Whats the difference between a 2cm tumor and say a 4 centimeter if they are hypervascular and supplied with blood. He says after 4cm is when it could start to cause problems and spread. Im lucky my tumor is small  1.5 CM but im getting very nervous and upset that the doctors have a no hurry attitude towards it. After the active surveillance for 8 months and I decided to pull the trigger on the partial neph after it grew, it will be practically be another 4 month between getting a referral, waiting for initial appointment and surgeon and robot to be available They recently cancelled on me and set me back another month and a half because I have to wait for robot machine to be available. If all goes as planned it will be a year from initial diagnosis. I know in hindsite im whining considering what others have going on but what if something gets fouled up again, holy heck I don’t think I can handle that mentally. I need a back up plan



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    I don't know any of the tehnical answersm but there are 2 chances of a 1.5 cm tumor causing mets. Slim and none. My money is on none.






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    No-one knows

    You are in the realm of probabilities, not facts.  

    Numerous factors influence metastasis, including how your immune system deals with it, but no one single definitive cause.  Tumour size, type and where it is are probably the main risk factors.

    I agree your risks of metastasis are probably low but you wil need to have a follow-up regime.  No harm if they don't find anything, really useful if they do.

    Best Wishes, Fred

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    Icemantoo, yea 8 months ago when I read my very first ct results on my health portal and had to wait a week to talk to the doctor i was terrified. It didnt help that my uncle died of kidney cancer 4 years ago. Never do that again. Anyway this is the first forum i came accross and saw your always encouraging posts regarding tumor size and prognosis. Much appreciated to the newbies.


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    One cell at a time.  One cell can break loose and enter the lymph or vascular system. It can go throughout the body before it lands and sticks.  Mine entered lymph nodes in 3 different areas and the liver.  One cell divides to make 2. 2x2 is 4, 4x4 is 16 and so on. If the immune system doesn't kick in during the early stages, the multiplying cells can become a large enough entity to cause a problem in the body.  It's at that stage that you call attention at the Dr's office; or go in for an exam for another reason and whatever test that is given finds something out of the ordinary.

    Then more tests are given....and Guess need more tests.

    How did you get that first cell? Genetics; Environmental (radiatrion/asbestos, etc.) or just the immune system let it through when you may have been fighting off another illnes; or Who Knows.

    Learning to deal with it is the other issue. Good Care and Tincture of Time plus an attitude that won't quit.

    Good luck to you rich.