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Terrified about this...

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I know it's irratio.nal, but I'm terrified at the prospect of going under anesthesia. I've never had surgery before. In my 44 years of life, I've had minor stuff done but never surgery that puts me under.

My main concern is as a patient of high blood pressure. How's that going to affect me? IDK! I do realize that patients go under for heart surgery, but I'm still terrified. I can't visualize it. 

IDK. So many questions. I'm positive, reading around here and other forums has given me hope that I can just get it on, change my life style and continue with my life. But there are so many questions.

Sorry if I seem whiny. This is new territory for me. Frown

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Just think how much better you will be without the tunor. There are no alternatives in your case. I of  course had my tonsils out at age 3, but that didm't make it any easier. This surgery has been around for years other than the fancy robot and even though it hurts a bit is routine. 




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I suppose I'll have this chat with the anesthesiologist, at some point. 

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If I told you that about after surgery they would laugh me off this board. No Pain, No Gain. The first few days after surgery are a littlt rough. Pain medication helps, but too much can make you nausious or constipated. Everyday will get a little better with maybe a bad day in between.



You got this.






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If a kid battling something worse than I have can do it, so can I. Dammit. 

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Hi, Citizen.  I had some of these same fears as you are feeling.  I remember being brought into the operating room feeling very nervous and emotional.  The anesthesiologist was standing over me telling me about the procedure he would follow when he started the meds to put me out.  As he was doing this I broke down and started to cry.  He held my hand and told me that he was going to be right there and wouldn't let anything happen to me.  That simple gesture was incredible and put me to ease.  I gave him the okay and they started going through their procedures.  Before I knew it I was asked to count to 10 (I don't think I made it to 5).  Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room with a nurse checking everything out.


Your surgical team are incredible professionals that really care for thier patients.  Without a doubt, you'll get through this.  Trust them.

Only the best--


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Aww, it is not uncommon to have concerns and fears regarding surgery. But make sure to let the anesthesiologist know your fears when he comes in to meet you before you go in. 

I have uncontrolled blood pressure at times, but the medications used for anesthesia keeps it under control and low. Its the Anesthesiologists JOB to keep you safe! HE is in control! You are just going to have the best rest of your life! I thought, even if I didn't sleep well, or had to get up so early to get their 2 hours before hand, I would be out and sleeping soon enough. Plus you sleep most of the day afterwards too.

Ask about Versed. If used as one of the drugs, during surgery, it has amnesiac qualities. Its not scary but to let your family know you may repeat things as you don't remember for a bit. It goes away, trust me. Many procedures use Versed, like colonoscopies for example.

Remember the anesthesiologist is a doctor who studies all the time about meds and how to keep you safe and sound.

I always tell people who pray, to pray for their surgical team. You will be sleeping soundly.

Its okay to ask us questions. I have had several surgeries, including two with laporascopy/robatic. 

I'll be here for you!

Sending you CALM, healing hugs!



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I had a really dark time waiting for surgery. Crying had become a daily routine. If it gets overwhelming talk it over with your Dr short term meds are available. My surgery was delayed as my wife and I waited in pre op. The anesthesiologist came out and gave me small sedative that helped.I can guarantee this waiting period will be worse than the procedure. As Jan said  people are here, we have been through it.. We'll go through it with you. 

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I just recently had my first experience last week at 42.  I had no time to prepare as it was an emergency appendectomy and I had 45 min from when they told me  to when I went in. (That subsequently was also the same discussion where they told me about my Kidney Mass).

Having never been under I too was terrified  what surprised me and comforted me though was the moment I was rolled into the OR.  There were 10 faces looking back at me And each with an assuredly calm and warm expression (through their masks of course).  You could tell they were pros and that I was in good hands.

I don’t remember even being asked to count back  The doc said ”ok we’re gonna start now” and that was it.  The next thing I remember was a nurse feeding me ice chips In recovery.

I have undiagnosed Apnea and was later told that it was a surprise to the team but nothing they were not prepared for or couldn’t handle. 

I guess the take away is thet they do this every day and are experts.  I was scared but their confidence in what they do was assuring and made me feel more at ease.  I was also taken aback by the human side of the team in the OR.  I think as patients we have a tendency to pick up on the  non-humanistic sides of the experience but what I experienced was utter calm, reassurance and compassion.

Lastly, I think that was the best 1 hour of sleep I have ever gotten. 

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What you're feeling and going through is totally normal. 

Same as you, I'd never had surgery before before my neph. Listen to Jan4You and the others. Be sure to tell your anaesthesiologist. The day of my procedure, I was really nervous (as would be expected). I had that anxious "wanna-runaway!" feeling and I told the anaesthesiologist. He gave me a very mild sedative in my IV that totally calmed me down. Let them know - they'll help you - that's what they're there for. 

As for blood pressure, let them know, but you have nothing to worry about. In my case - and I think Dominick's case, too - getting the tumor out made my blood pressure better. My doctor cut my BP medicine dosage in half since I'm doing so much better post-neph. 

You've got this. You're gonna be fine.

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