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Hubby got an APR

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We are here at MD Anderson Hospital. Hubby has his APR last week and he is still recovering. The colon surgeon is confident all remaining cancer was removeD. This was left from what the first surgeon missed. She said they tested the tissues and most of it was dead from all of the chemo and radiation. Richard had A foot of his colon removed when the cancer was first found in 2017. Then a month later a liver ablatioN. Getting used to the new bathroom normal, but feel happy and very happy with everything here at the hospital! We live in WV. So we habe rented an apartment since there is some much needed recovery time. richard is doing great And walking, walking, walking. his bladder did not wake up and they put in the catheter again. He is started on flomax, but otherwise doing great! I pray this leave him NED for some time!! He has been through so much In less than 2 years. I am hoping we can celebrate his 40th birthday this summer having fun and not recovering from chemo or surgery!! Thanks for letting me share.

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Hi! I had my APR in May 2016. It was a rough recovery for me. Took quite some time for my bowels to adjust. I was in and out of the hospital for 3 weeks. I recommend along with walking, drink lots of water. I had to have a recto-vaginal fistula repaired as well. They took a flap of skin and muscle from my stomach. I had 73 staples down the front of me. It took a while to fully heal but I did. 

I remember my son saying ... just remember that a year from now it will be better. He was so right. Sometimes it’s hard to think that you will ever be healed but it happens. 

Sending love and strength your way.



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Wow what a recovery you endured! So happy to hear it got better And you son was right. Richard‘s cut looks nice and thin. Long but very clean and thin. They didn’t have to use staples, I guess the stitches that disolve.  He was luck they were able to use the fat from one side of his stomach to rebuild the rectom. He hasn’t wanted to see his bottom. They also took a pice from the stomach for his flap. He has been asking questions about what it looks like so that tells me he is coming to terms with this! Thank you for sharing the reminder about the water. 

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Wow, you are both so tough! I mean your husband, Pamcakes, and you, Kazenmax. I pray I never have to have any surgery again. It's too much. All of this is too much, really.


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I hope that hubby is feeling well enough to celebrate 40. Ah, so young to be going through all of this.  

I loved my 40's, so I hope that he enters them NED and no more treatments, surgeries or anything bad. 


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Lily Flower
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Glad to hear your husband is recovering well, Pam. Wishing him with continuing good health and that he will enjoy his summer Birthday! 

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