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Metastatic prostate cancer

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My 82 year if father had a psa test that came back at 49.2 and doctor ordered a bone scan . The bone scan showed that the prostate cancer cells have spread into his hips , legs, arms , spine , he has him scheduled to see an oncologist and urologist . Has anyone else ever experienced this that can share some knowledge or their experience . Thanks 

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Welcome to the board. I am sorry for the advanced status of your dad. Most probably his clinical stage is a T4 M1c to which cases palliative approaches (chemo or/and/plus hormonal therapy-ADT) are recommended. I have seen here some guys reporting similar status but none at the age of your father. Some reported successes and some did not as well. You may read the following story of a patient with bone metastasis in which the treatment did well but nobody responds equally to the same therapy so that read it as informative only;


You can read about the stories of patients in similar situation in here;


This following link explains the details of the clinical stage of your dad;


I would just inform you that treatments got attached side effects (some nasty) so that the patient needs to be fit enough to sustain the blow. I wonder about any other health issue of your dad. I would recommend you to check any hidden issue that could be prejudiced by the treatment for the prostate cancer.

Best wishes and luck in this journey.


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