Back Pain/Shoulder Pain

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so I’m two months post partial neph for chrimophobe RCC 3.9cm.  This was found incidentally due to my complaint regarding back and shoulder pain neither of which has in any way dissipated post surgery.  I’ve spoken to my doctors,both my PCP and my urological surgeon who is handling my scans and they insist it’s not related to the kidney cancer but I read so much about mets to the spine and brain.  I can’t seem to get either doc to take me seriously.  I did have xrays of my spine (comprehensive) before surgery and all was clean but I believe rumors aren’t always picked up on x rays.  I had a CT scan of my abdomen to confirm kidney cancer before my surgery and numerous chest x rays pre and post surgery. I also believe my I ital 3 month scan which is next month willl be ultrasound of abdomen only with chest xrays every 6 months and no other scans scheduled because my doc says mymets risk is so low for chromophobe 3.9 and that my “comprehensive testing” revealed no evidence of spread.  I love my doc and have co fidence in him but I’m concerned about Mets with my symptoms.  I also have had neurological symptoms like muscle fasciculations and even finger twitching that comes a goes.  


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    My back pain is mid back pain

    My back pain is mid back pain that really mostly bothers me at night and my shoulder pain hurts when I put weight on them or they generally feel Weak during use.  This has been going on for almost a year at this point with no explanation.

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    Worth checking out

    So they did some tests because you complained about these pains, and unexpectedly found RCC.  Did they then stop looking for a cause for your pains?  Seems to me they got side-tracked by the cancer and they should now resume the original line of investigation if the RCC did not cause the pains in the first place (which it would not be expected to in most cases).

    Not every pain or symptom is cancer.  And not every cancer is RCC.  I would be pushing for a full body CAT scan (with IV contrast), but talk to your Doc.

    Best Wishes, Fred