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Diagnostic testing

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HI everyone

I was hoping someone out there had some time to answer a couple of questions about prepping for upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. I tried three times already. The first and second time I didn't empty out. The third time... I woke up at 12, knowing at 6 pm that I would start drinking the poison. However I didn't feel well because I was told not to eat after midight the night before the entire 24 hours of starvation for the test plus 4 hours until time for test. That is ridiculous. That wasn't the case the first two times. So I did it. But I woke up, having not eaten, and since I couldn't eat my body was already in shock. I operate on a minimum of health to begin with, any change of sleep waeter or food and I'm sick. So, after a couple hours I was puking. Then I cancelled because if i was already sick before even beginning to drink the prep I could never make it until another whole day!!! Plus I couldn't drink the stuff anyway because I was puking!! My mom said i need to be in hospital for prep where they can give me sedatives for my nausea and vomiting. but then I would have to be in a hospital room, going to the bathroom over and over!!! Not possible, ew so gros to share a toilet!  If it was my own hospital room maybe. I am getting the test because of excessive vomiting to begin with. Any advise? I know it's weird but it's my issue. I had to choose a board so I chose stomach cancer, since my excessive vomiting is the reason I need this test. All other tests rule out any other. I am going to a rheumatoligist soon. Thanks lots of love to you all,


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