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Daily Light yellow discharge

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I’m still having light yellow discharge everyday. My cuff reopened in December and the discharge was tanish and enough to fill a panty liner.  Well, it’s a lot better now since the cuff closed. However, after intercourse I get a lot of fluid come out of me for several hours. once it was mixed with a bit of blood. I took a photo of it and my doc said sometimes you can bleed when your hitting the cuff. 

I have been complaining about this yellow discharge since the cuff healed.  I get a couple of spots on my underwear daily. I was told about a month ago from the radiation onco it’s my new normal.  Well I saw him yesterday. I continued to tell him about the light yellow discharge that occurs daily.  He said it could be some atypical cells?  That I should get a pap Ames r in May or June?  Honestly, it did not register with me until I left his office that this could be a recurrance?  He did not say that. But, I’m thinking that’s why he wants the Pap?  

for the past 3 months both the NP at the oncos office and radiation oncologist said it’s not cancer. It’s my new normal. Yesterday, it seemed to be a different story?  Even though he said the tissue looks very healthy.  I saw the oncologist NP last week.  She said everything looked great.  

Has anyone had a light yellowish discharge? If so, is it daily?  How long have you had it?  What has your doc said about it? I had my hysterectomy in August. I started Brachy the middle of October. I had 3 sessions. 

I greatly appreciated everyone on this board. I have learned so much. 

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Hi Denise, I don't know the answer to your question, but clearly you are troubled and so you should feel free to insist that things be done to rule out a recurrence.  If the radiation onco suggested a Pap smear to look for atypical cells under a microscope, why wait until May or June?  Just bc what you complain of is not a typical presentation of a recurrence is not a diagnosis; it's merely an opinion.  Maybe it's based on a higher level of knowledge and experience than yours, but it's still an opinion.  I would insist on the Pap asap and get the data to further factor into your complaint.  The only other thing I can think of is to query whether the discharge has an unpleasant odor and/or has an unusual consistency.  Those would be, I would think, relevant factors.  Best wishes to you as you push on through.  You deserve peace of mind, to the furthest extent possible in our "new normal" of living with cancer.  Oldbeauty

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Thanks Oldbeaty,

I called the PA today.  She is there everytime the radiation oncologist exams me.  She said, she did not hear him say anything about me possibly having atypical cells.  She said yes, the pap smear will pick that up.  But, since I just had radiation in Nov, it's going to come back abnormal with atypical cells.  I need to wait until Jun when things settle down to get the PAP smear.  She said, we are no worried that this is cancer.  She keep on saying that!!  Therefore, she said, I should not worry.  They think it's the result of inflammation from the brachy.  she said everyone responds different to brachy.  She keep saying, that the tissue looks very healthy.  It's not cancer.  I told her that I heard the doc say "atypical cells" and that had be concerned.  She said, she did not hear him say that in regards to my symptoms.  She told me to relax.  This is not a symptom of a reoccurance.  I just don't understand how I can be the only one that has this light yellow discharge for 3 months after the cuff healed. 

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Maybe they could take a culture to make sure it's nothing bacterial.

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Denise, I have the same thing, even with slight brownish discharge now after placement of markers.  My tumor was high up in the uterus, I just had an NED CT scan, recent exam with placement of markers for brachy, and I haven't yet had radiation.  I think it is normal for the vaginal cuff to have discharge.  Also, you're burned after radiation.  Think about how a bad sun burn oozes.  I asked the NP who placed my markers, "How can you tell there is no recurrence?"  She said, "You can see it.  It looks bumpy when there's a recurrence."  So I think you should try not to worry, understand that this is common, and get the PAP done in June, just as they're recommending.

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ZasZas1 - Thank you so very much!  I was thinking I was the only one who experienced  this!  Do you have this daily?  IF so, how much?  It's been ongoing for 3 months!  It's worse after sex!  I get a ton of discharge.   Then, withint a couple of hours, it goes back to normal.  My cuff is fully healed and I still have the light yellow discharge.  Just very scant.  I wear a pantyliner every day.  very little amount on the pantyliner.  Is your cuff fully healed?  If your cuff is not fully healed, you will get the discharge.  My cuff is fully healed.  My tumor was also high up in the uterus at the fundus. 

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