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CBD products/ Medical MJ

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is there any one on here that takes/took CBD oils/products/ medical mj as a complimentary treatment? while i don't believe (at the moment any way) medical mj/CBD products can cure cancer I do believe that is is a important complimentary treatment that is just starting to be studied . It seems that it is the CBD products that have the most medical benefit but having said that if you have cancer and the THC high helps you get through why not as long as it doesn't affect your tradional treatments? 

 Some CBD products have just been made legal here in New Zealand for pallitive care. Doctors can now prescibe/import CBD products without a ministry of health clearance.

 I am so happy about this.

 I would love hear from people who have legal access to medical mj/CBD products from other parts of the world and what, if any, benefits they got from it as I find it very interesting.

Thank you


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CBD tinc is the only thing that had a positive effect on my “Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy”.

My Oncologist tried a few things including Gabapentine. I was reluctant to try it but after 30 minutes I got some relief. It got rid of the buzzing electric feelings in my hands and prickly feeling on the surface my thigh.

 I live in California and it’s readily available. It’s not a cure all but has helped me a lot.

Good Luck

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My oncologist prescribed Miranol to increase my appetite while I was undergoing adjuvant chemo.  It sure did make me eat more cookies and milkshakes.  On ocassion, I would also feel a bit of a "high" while taking it.

Since then and for a different source of pain (failed back surgery symptom), I tried two different types of CBD for six weeks at a cost of over $250.  It did nothing for my pain, so I no longer take it.

I can't comment about medical MJ.  I live in one of the most conservative states in the U.S. (Tennessee) and it is not legal here.  Ironically, the state immediately to our north is Kentucky, the largest producer of illegally grown MJ in this country.  Medical MJ is not legal in Kentucy either.  Go figure.


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A while back I was having a lot of trouble with nausea. My onc referred me to a clinic where I got medical CBD and THC oils. At first I thought they worked great but soon they didn't seem to make any difference. About 6 months ago when I was vomiting often and had no appetite I got some edibles from a friend that makes them. Same thing. At first I thought they helped a lot but soon they didn't seem to make a diference, either. I've never smoked it so I don't know what to expect. It's not legal where we live but I have no need for anything like that.


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I live in Massachusetts where it’s legal.  I use MJ primarily for sleep, appetite, or just calming myself down.  I’ve used CBD oil as well.  Not sure how much these products work, but for certain things, I think they can’t hurt.  

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