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Post suprapubic prostate

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I am new and have a few questions 

1 month post surgery I had prostate surgery for bph no cancer found 

The doc did not remove all my prostate but about 80% to what I was tol.

i had no Ed thank God but have retrogrmade ejaculation.  It feels way better and last way longer 

is Retrograde temporary or permanen.  I am still healing and have a doc apt in 2 months for follow up.

More questions to come 

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Congratulation on the negative result on cancer. I believe that you did TURP which may have been the cause of your experience. According to Mayo clinic, retrograde ejaculation due to surgery has no chances of recovery but the fact is not unhealthy and it seems that you "... feel way better "as you comment above. Infertility is the worse issue.

Here is a link that may answer your question; 




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No for sure was not TURP my bph was too large to do TURP


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