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Metastatic colon cancer

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If you meant to post something about yourself in this thread then it would help if you gave us a little bit more information in the body of a post.  Please let us know if we can help you answer any questions.


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Yep, you're in the right place...............................................Dave

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Husband diagnosed in August of 2016 with colonrectal cancer had surgery to remove tumor and has permanent colostomy bag .Was getting treatment at one cancer center when the chemo wasn't working they told my husband to go home and live his life the NP said there is sadness on the horizon I called Dana farber in Boston and they got him in and he has been on treatment there .I feel he needs to try any route that is going to extend his life I undrstand and see how lousy he feels when on chemo but when he's not in treatment  to see him with the grandkids it's just give us more hooe to keep going and try every route not wait to die. I feel sometimes I'm being selfious having him go through this treatment and especially when his CEA goes down  after a few trteatments and then bounces back up it's saddens me but have to keep trying and the doctors say they won't stop trying different treatments to help  He prays all the time for GOD to give him as much time as possible to see the grandkids grow and enjoy them so as long as he keeps praying and looking forward to seeing them I fel he will keep fighting forward I feel people should always get another opinion  if they feel they could get different outcome anything is possible

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Mine has metastisized to my lungs, liver and again in my colon. I'll be on maintenance chemo for as long as I live. Despite this, I don't expect to leave this earth anytime soon. Neither does my oncologist. I'm glad you two went elsewhere. Any doctor that told me there was nothing to be done would not see me for dust. I've heard too many stories like your husband's to not believe in hope, always. Even with a cancer with only something like a 5% survival rate, someone has to be in the 5%. I survived a blood clot and after the doctors said my odds of surviving and being normal after had been about one in a thousand. Yet here I am. Normal might be questionable, ha ha. But I'm the same as I ever was.


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I was not responding to the two rounds of chemo my oncologist put me on, but I am doing well on Keytruda.  I have signet ring cell colon cancer and have mets to the bone.  I am a nurse, so I certainly understand what this means!  Anyway, no matter what your chances are, keep trying!  Something might come up.  If you have a question about my cancer, look it up.  The prognosis is AWFUL.  Anyway, here I am.  Keep the faith and keep trying the new stuff that's coming available every day.  God Bless.


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