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speaking of one of the lovely ladies I am worried about, it would be survivngsu.  

She hasn't been on since August 2018 and I hope she is doing ok.

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Yay, i think about too.

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Funny, I was thinking about her a few weeks ago because her stage and type were the same as mine, and I always looked to her survival for inspiration. I checked back and remembered she's been dealing with leukemia, poor woman. I hope she sees this and knows we're concerned about her.

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Yes, she was dealing with leukemia as a result of her treatment for UC.  

At least her cute little drawing stayed for her name.  I was disappointed the CSN outage wiped away LdyMox, and some of yours, pictures.  It is all we have to make that connection with each other, and we all have sometimes.

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I was looking her up the other day, and was concerned that she hadn't been on in awhile. Hope she's ok.

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This is so hard!! At least on Facebook, we have people's real names so we can keep tabs on them. Here, for the most part, nothing! I just checked my emails and I see so many women who I tried to contact but haven't answered and I always fear the worst no matter how I try to picture them living on a tropical island completely cured - happy and healthy.


Eldri (at least if you google "Eldri" you're going to find me)


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That is cause for concern.

I know most of us keep hoping that those who haven't responded in a while are busy, or just wanted to take a break from this board. And often, that's the case. Unfortunately, sometimes, that is not.

If I recall, Survivingsu wrote she doesn't come around here as much now. At least I hope I'm not mistaken this time.

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She would get a notification even if she's not signing in. I'm always a bit hesitant to do that because I'm afraid of intruding. 

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