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New member - FL coming back?

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I´m 53 years old and got diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma last year. I was in Stage 4, with pleural effusion. I went through R-CHOP that seems the only treatment they know here in Brazil. My hematologist decided to give just 5 cycles, because I responded too well. Now six month later, 2 of my old lymph nodes started to swelling. Is this flare up the disease all coming back?  I will change the doctor for sure. Is it ordinary to get some lymph nodes growing again with FL?



Max Former Hodg...
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Welcome to you here, Dan.

Lymphoma is not the only thing that causes nodes to swell.  A variety of other things can do so as well, most commonly infection of some sort.  Follicular is a very indolent disease, so the liklihood of it being detectable again so soon seems unlikely; not impossible, but improbable.

In the US oncologists will at times reduce planned cycles due to exceptionally fast response, so your docotr's actions were not necessarily misguided.

As with your initial diagnosis, only a biospy can confirm relapse. But I would demand that the doctor follow this closely, and he may want to do a PET scan (or at least a CT) soon.


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Thanks Max, reconforting. 

I will keep posting my evolution. 


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Hello Daniel and welcome to the group. Is your hematologist aware that your lymph nodes have starting swelling? I know my doctor would want to know right away. 

Follicular lymphoma is the most common type of indolent lymphoma. How it behaves over time and responds to treatment varies considerably from patient to patient. The indolent cells can also transform and begin to behave as a more agressive lymphoma, as mine did. I was diagnosed with Transformed B cell Follicular Lymphoma in 2012. 

My doctor has always told me that this cancer is not considered "curable" at this time, but durable remissions can occur. It is very prone to relapse and indeed I know of several people in this very forum who have relapsed from follicular lymphoma. 

I hope you will follow up with your hematologist.




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