Colon thickened and Free Fluid at the Pelvic

Mighty Frog
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Hi! Everyone!

I had a laparoscopic partial nephrectomy in July 2017. My pathology is Clear Cell RCC, 4cm, T1a Nx Mx

Today is my 3rd time MRI scan & chest X ray. Everyhing are OK.

But they accidentally found my descending colon had thickened and there are some free fluid at the pelvic area.

After consulted 2 radiologists both of them are very confident something is there. It could be RCC tumor that caused the colon to be thickened. As i googled it, it seem like rcc metastatic to colon is very rare or maybe i'm really the most unlucky one.

But there is no confirmation yet, as i was refer to a General Surgeon to perform colonoscopy and CT scan with contrast as soon as possible.

Has anyone encounter RCC metastatic to colon? Please advise. TQ




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    Terrible game--isn't it?

    The mind games and hypotheticals that consume our time is one of the worst parts of this journey.  Sorry, Mighty Frog, you have this bump in the road.  I hope your scans show it has nothing to do with RCC.  Keep us posted.



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    Hi, sorry to hear abouu this

    Hi, sorry to hear abouu this reason to stress. Do you have colonoscopy and CT dates already? I’ve never heard of RCC mets to colon. But I’ve been on the similar road with my husband’s knee pain. I immediately assumed there are mets. mets to knee are very-very rare, but it  is theoretically possible. So I was worried. He got it checked, and of course there are no mets. The rare things hapen very-very rarely.  Also many guys here had issues pop up on their scans - these were real health issues, seen on scans, but benign ones, not mets. Good luck and keep us posted!

  • Mighty Frog
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    Thks stub 1969 & Allochka.

    Thks stub 1969 & Allochka. Have meet with a surgeon today. He quite positive is not related to RCC but to be sure i have to undergo colonoscopy and CEA & CA 19-9 tumor marker test next week. Will keep you all posted on the findling.

    At this moment keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best...

    Once again thank you very much...

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    Cautious optimism

    Try and be positive til the tests come back. We're here Mightyfrog with you sending positive thoughts for you.

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    Yes, positive thoughts!

    Yes, positive thoughts!

    i have just googled “kidney cancer mets to colon” - all articles use words “extremely rare”, “highly uncommon”, etc. hopefully it will give you some peace os mind before colonoscopy...

  • eug91
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    sending you positive prayers and thoughts-

    Could be something or it could be nothing. Here's hoping it's nothing. Whatever it turns out to be, you've got this!