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Is anyone on this ? And what is your expericnce? My husband has peritoneal carcinomatosis and is not doing well - they want to try Keytruda - he is MSI H and tumor burden is 28.

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Joan M
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I'm MSS so cannot use it because the trials have not shown it to be effective for those of us that are MSS.

It is definitely worth trying.  Please let the forum know how it works out for him!

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I am on Keytruda...I am MSS but I have 12 mutations (which is kind of unusual for MSS).  I stated Keytruda last May (whn some lymph nodes near my lungs continued to grow despite Irinotecan and Xeloda (I was diagnosed in August 2011 and had tons of nets in my liver and after the HIA pump and a liver resection I ended up with tumors in my lungs.  I had 10 or 11 rfa's to my lungs and had some lymph nodes resected....but we were running out of options.  My CEA was up to 39.5....when I started Keytruda.  I have clear CT's and a CEA @1.0 for the last 9 months.



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Joan M
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Joined: Oct 2016

It is very exciting to hear about your great response to the Keytruda.

I have MSS and have been trying to get on immunotherapy for a long time.  I am trying to get on a clinical trial at MD Anderson but wish I could just get the medicine at home without all the cost and time traveling away from family.

How did your doctor decide on Keytruda for your treatment?  i've always been told I can't get it because I have the MSS.  It is being used in some trials but no results have been printed showing good results so far according to my local doctor.



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