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Planning to have port removed

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When i get through the next 4.5 months of r-chop, that is.  I start this part of my journey tomorrow morning.  Happens to be my birthday, am looking at this as my present to myself is to get this show on the road.  Hoping I will tolerate this chemo like my doc thinks I will.  I was hoping to get away with either surveillance or monotherapy with Rituxan, but that wouldn't work.  Anyhow, going to take my lorazepam so I will sleep tonight and get this started.  Wish me luck!


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Scubamom for two
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Good luck to you on this journey!  I hope you get through it without too many side effects, which I call "friendly fire."  I made it through 6 rounds of DA-R-EPOCH, 11 IT-chemo treatments, and 2 consolidation rounds of High Dose Methotrexate.  All 8 rounds were in-patient over the course of several days each time.  Everyone's journey is a bit different, but I found it helped a lot to take the recommended anti-emetics to stay ahead of the sickness and I also tried to walk every day as much as I could tolerate.  The worst for me was and continues to be reduced energy levels.  I am a little over the one-year Remission mark now, I've been back at work full-time for a year, and I am still fighting fatigue.  Stay Strong and keep up your positive attitude!



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Walking is so important, so do keep that up.  You will be grateful later.  In addition to the anti-emetcis, try to stay on top of bowel issues:  I found that starting Colace or similar a couple of days ahead of chemo really helped (a lot of people have constipation issues and they are best prevented).  If you will be getting Neulasta, I found that Claritin did help.  Of course, check with your doctor about both of these before taking.  Have an easy go.

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So I had a relatively event free day of my first treatment.  Just a mild reaction to the Rituximab  that resolved easily. I started with taking the antiemetics and laxatives and L-lysine (to protect from mouth sores) right away. Im going to take an ativan and go to bed, hopefully for a good sleep.  Setting my alarm for 4am to take tomorrow's dose of high dose prednisone.  Although my journey has just started,, I hope it is short and gets me to NED asap!  When i read all of your stories of what you have gone through and still get out there and live life to the fullest, it is very encouraging to me.  I'm so amazed as your strong spirits.  Stay strong my fellow Thrivers!

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I'm glad you got the milestone of a first infusion over with few issues. The mild Rituxan reaction is very common, and for most people, does not reoccur in later applications.

I do not mean to be a killjoy, but be aware that side-effects are more likely to occur after a few infusions than at the very beginning. And Prednisone is rough for many:  the inability to sleep and agitation or jitters are common, followed by a "crash" after the Prednisone set if finished for the cycle.  Fluid retention is also common.

Keep that great attitude and know that we are all here for you,

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