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CT Scan

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I have just finished my 6 rounds of chemo. I was stage 1A and grade 3 for clear cell. Had a CT Scan a few days ago. I have a couple of tiny lung spots but they are not new and not related to my uterine cancer. (Biopsy done) I had a CT right before the hysterectomy and now this one. Everything is now looking normal so I am very happy! Except they cannot find my appendix! Not on either of the CTs. I have never had it taken out, so where is it? Anyone else missing their appendix on a CT?

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Hmmm interesting about the appendix! Maybe you never had one. Smile

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Hooray, Ribbons!  That's wonderful news.

I am currently recovering from round 6, which I had on Friday, just Carboplatin and Herceptin, no Taxol.  This has been a very tough round for me.  I'm honestly much sicker with it than I was with any previous round, other than the first.  Weird, expecially since I didn't have the Taxol (because of fear of worsening neuropathy).  But I think you said that the 6th round was surprisingly difficult for you, too.  I'm taking ondansetron every day, sometimes as often as every 12 hrs.  I can barely drink or eat anything.  I realized that I was getting dehydrated, asked a friend to bring over juice oranges, drank about 20 oz of fresh squeezed OJ.  That should help.  The first round, I didn't really start to feel better until 6 days afterwards.  Hope this won't be as bad.

So next is radiation, huh?

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I’m only doing brachytherapy. I’m sorry you are feeling so sick, I am still getting really fatigued and I have mild fibromyalgia which has been kicked up a notch. But we are done with chemo!! There is one brand of yogurt that has been a lifesaver for me, it is a Greek yogurt called Zoi in the honey flavor, and I took the ondasetron every 6 hours for a few days. Hope you feel better soon.

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