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Uterine cancer

I had been having a lot of gas and bloating for a long time, but because of a history of digestive problems, I attributed it to that. I had mentioned it to both my PCP and Gastro doctors and they more or less brushed my concerns aside. Finally in September my PCP ordered an abdominal ultrasound. The results were that my organs looked okay except they couldn't see my pancreas because of gas. Duh! Still concerned about the situation, I went to my gastro doctor again and she ordered an MRI the day before Thanksgiving. I got the news on Tuesday after Thanksgiving that they saw "spots" in my belly and a couple of spots outside my colon. The next step was a needle biopsy of the spot in my belly and the results came back as cancer originating from the uterus. My PCP did the CR125 blood test which confirmed the diagnosis, and referred me to a medical oncologist. I saw him Monday this week. He labeled it Stage III uterine adenocarcinoma of the Mullerian variety. He advised a series of three chemo treatments, then surgery, then three more chemo treatments. He advised even with treatment, the cancer WOULD come back because it is a very aggressive form. He was to set up an appointment with a gynecological oncologist for a second opinion, and surgery. The medical oncologist had me get a CT scan Tuesday to see if the cancer has spread to my lungs and I have a follow-up appointment with him this coming Monday. I'm stunned. Any words of advice from others in my situation would be so appreciated.


 I am so very sorry to hear this. You must be reeling. Please spend some time searching the uterine cancer board on this site, the ladies there are so wise and so warm.  I will be thinking of you and I wish you well. 

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