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Loretta Marshall

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For any of you who visit the other gyn cancer boards here on CSN, and I know some of you do, you would have met the incomparable Miss Loretta Marshall.  She is truly one of the many angels who have graced this earth.  

Loretta is signing off, and I wanted to share her post with those who might not know her.  I pray that someday God lets me in heaven to meet this woman and hug her, and all the warriors we have lost in this journey.


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I'm crying as I write this. Thank you for letting us know, No Time. Bless Loretta for all she's done for everyone on these boards. Our world will be the less without her. 

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Thank you for letting us know! I have read so many of her posts. She was a wealth of knowledge!! My heart is breaking yet again.



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Donna Faye
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I join derMaus in my thanks to you NTFC for posting this. As you 2 know, I just made a decision to stop dilation as it was making my quality of life very poor. Like Loretta, I am almost 80 (2020), and life has for the most part been a good one. Today I sat with a dying friend whose struggle to die is harder then living. When someone like Loretta writes such a beautiful and moving piece, it should be shared. There is a time for all things and today as I sat with my friend, I thought of the poem, Invictis; I am the master of my fate - the captain of my soul.  Acceptance is a beautiful thing for then we move on to laugh and hug and enjoy those precious moments with the ones we love. Bless all of us as we share our lives so openly with others. Loretta will be greatly missed but what a legacy she has left.  Peace

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I hope she feels our prayers and arms around her as she passes. She has such a beautiful and generous soul.

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I read the first part of the link you sent NoTime. I didnt know her other than that. Shes been through alot and she sure sounds confident in her desision

I will be thinking about her. May she have the angels with her as she believes. 

What a strong women she is.

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Thanks for posting Ellen. I read many of Loretta’s posts when dealing with my peritoneal reoccurrence and actually considered the surgery she had at Pittsburg. May God wrap his loving arms around her and give her an easy journey home. She helped so many people on her way. And in her final months, she’s still helping us. Unfortunately, whether we want to face it or not,we all will come to this decision. Thanks to Loretta for giving us some tools. Bless her. But I still hate cancer. 

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Thank youNo time. I read Loretta’s posts often though recently I was on vacation and missed some though I had been feelingher time with us was not much longer . She was such a strong and informative member and I will miss her posts greatly.May her journey go peacefully. She was surely an angel for all of us while on earth. Bless her always....

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I didn't know Loretta and hadn't been on the ovarian website but am thankful for her insight and compassionate message to all of us. Reading her post did make me cry because my mortality is staring me in the face as I don't know how much time I have left. But like Loretta I have faith in our Heavenly Father and trust that he will decide when it's time for me to leave this earth. 

I enjoyed the beautiful poem her mother wrote and have kept a copy of the Mayo article.

God Bless her on this next journey. May she find peace and eternal life. xoxo 

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Oh no, no, no ...

She is a wonderful, inspirational woman. 

I know, she has made the decision she feels is best. We all have to make decisions we feel best. And she has fought this battle for so long. But still .... 

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I just saw Loretta's obit from Norfolk VA.   She passed March 5, 2019.   She will be sorely missed.   She always tried to help everyone she could.

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You can't help but admire a lady of who thought of us first even as she was so close to her own passing. Most would turn inwards or towards their more immediate family. She was so special and won't be forgotten.

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Below is her obituary for all that want to see it and/or post their condolences.  Thank you, Kathy, for letting us know.


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for letting us know. I am not religious but I sure hope she is flying on angels' wings. 

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