PSA doubling time

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i found a chart and tried to post it here, but it was too large.

Here is the link —

As a 20 year survivor after a Radical Prostate operation my interest is in what future treatment I should consider as my PSA level has slowly increased in recent years.  MD’s and I are watching for it to double.  Chemical ‘castration’ seems to be the preferred course currently...I have my concerns with it. This chart shows study of risk of NOT having metastasis by measuring Gleason score, time since surgery and doubling time of PSA now.  At my age it is helping me decide what to do...if anything. I hope someone else finds it of value.


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    My only observation is that

    My only observation is that this does not factor in salvage treatment

    Plus it is nearly 20 years out of date

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    Post your own data

    Hi there,

    Post your own data, age, PSA, Gleason Score, etc before the prostatectomy and then your current PSA history, age, etc and we can all have a look at it together.
    As H says, anything that is that old is pretty much ancient history, even things that were viewed as cutting edge five years ago can be a bit passé*
    Looking forward to hearing from and helping you soon.

    Best wishes,


    *French keyboard so I can do accents fairly easily if needed, passé, behind the times! :-)

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    i realize it is 20 years old...also 20 years since my RP.  I find nothing more current, if you know where there is a follow-up study, I sure would appreciate a link.

    Been very fortunate in living those 20 years without a problem, until PSA started to creep up slowly to 0.9.  Been steady there for a year. Facing decision if/when it doubles to 2.0.  

    Thanks for reading the post.  If you have a source of current like study please...i’m all ears to hear it.  Send a link!

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    Update PSA

    i finally found more information on this issue.  Here is the link to the Partin Tables at The Hopkins Brady Institute site.