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CT Scans

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Anyone else have items like this show up on their scans? Is it pretty normal?


4 mm low-attenuation focus in the medial left lobe adjacent to the 
falciform ligament most likely benign such as focal fat. 3 mm 
low-attenuation lesion in left hepatic dome (3:13), also most likely 

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----space dust.





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Radiology is still a bit imprecise.  Sounds to me like this person is signalling to your future scan-readers where there might be something happening.

As always, they don't know what they are looking at until it becomes obvious.  "Most likely benign" means exactly that, most likely but not 100% certain.

Don't let it worry you too much but see what the next scan says about those regions.

Best Wishes, Fred

Posts: 40
Joined: Feb 2019

Thank you! I am having a hard time relaxing and letting things like that go... I keep trying to do better each day but it can be a struggle! Thank you!

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