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All is not lost... Every Day is a Good Day

I was diagnosed with stage 1 small cell lung cancer in June of 2009 At the age of 61... AND I'm still kicking!  I just want to share that the statistics, though depressing, do not always apply. My diagnosis was a result of a clumsy fall at my friends cottage when I had a little too much liquid cheer. I broke three ribs as a result and the X-ray revealed a "shadow" on my lung.  I was hospitalized because of my broken ribs. Long story short, after a bunch of tests and a biopsy the cancer was diagnosed. Chemo was started immediately, then radiation, more chemo, remission, recurrence, chemo, profelactic brain radiation, remission, recurrence until the last recurrence in 2014...

After a really bad bladder infection (brown urine)...caused by reaction to chemo. The Onchology team at the hospital where I was being treated offered me three options. I could try chemo again or risk surgery OR try an experimental procedure called RFA (radio frequecy ablation). They told me that though RFA has been used as a treatment for many conditions it was still relatively new as a treatment for my kind of cancer.  I opted for RFA. After the procedure the radiologitst told me that my lesion was in a very good place so he could perform the ablation in a larger area.  I am still in remission.  It's been over 4 years since the procedure and all follow up tests have been encouraging. I was treated at a VA hospital in Little Rock and continue to be.

 When my cancer recurred it recurred in the same area of my lung. The lesions were always between 2 and 3 centimeters.  They'd shrink during treatment and then within a year reappear. Needless to say I had multiple rounds of chemo...

My point?  Statistics only tell part of the story not the whole story. There is hope, there are new options coming down the pike every day. Keep the faith, continue to hope, live every day as well as you can. Thanks for taking the time to read this..


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Thank you for sharing.  As often is said on our chat room, "You are a statistic of one".  You are proof of that.  

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