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5 Years NED & Discharged!

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Hi All. 

Not quite sure how I feel about the discharged bit @ 5 years.

But, apparently I have been very lucky. 

I am fit, healthy and oficially a survivor of PT3a Kidney Cancer.

I feel humble and very blessed.

I was looked after with love, respect and care by everyone of my medical team. 

I hope this gives you hope in your respected journeys.

Much love from the UK.

Michelle xxx



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Although the odds are in your favor look into US going forward.




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My son was discharged after 6 years. t1a chromophobe.


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Congratulations and may there be more of that for everyone else.

Enjoy life.


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This most definitely gives me hope!!!! Congrats!!!

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Congrats, Michelle! 

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Canadian Sandy
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Wonderful news to hear. Congrats!

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these are wonderful news indeed! That shows how confident docs are about your health. I'd like to second Iceman though - maybe you could do an abdominal US and chest x-ray from time to time for your own reassurance? Like once in couple of years?


Wish you NED forever! 


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IT will be 5 yrs in April since my nepl DR says i need to get check every 2 yrs after . not everyone is the same. for 4 yrs than im good to go .CONGRATS TO THE FIVE YRS NERD Mash

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Congrats, that's wonderful news. But I do agree that evey now and then an US and x-ray would not be a bad idea.

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Especially since I'm the same stage-what was your grade? Good luck and good health going forward and always!!!  June

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That is awesome news!


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Thanks for good wishes.

I plan Xrays etc...

I also think I would be aware of how I felt at the time in the lead up to diagnosis.

June .... I was grade 1 to 2 classed as intermediate risk on my path report. 


Michelle x


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Are you atleast going to have an anual ultra sound just too keep an eye on things

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Mighty Frog
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Congratulation and NED forever! 

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I just received five years ned and I was also told that I'm done no more Ct scans . Just to go to my yearly checkup . I'm in Ohio. It's a relief that I'm considered cured and don't need any treatment but also seems odd no more scans. I think I will request us and X-rays every three years . Iceman do you still get scans ?

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I didn't realize we get to graduate at some point. That's great news!

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