Problems with largest incision after Partial Nephrectomy (Laproscopic)



I'm new here and am currently in my 2nd week of recovery after having had a partial nephrectomy. The surgery was performed on February 11th, and I must say, this was by far THE MOST EXCRUCIATING PAIN I have EVER been in. The pain was so awful that I actually thought that I might be dying. The doctors insisted that this was all expected. For almost a week and a half the pain was just as excruciating as the day of the surgery. Has anyone ever experinced this?


My primary question is to see if anyone has experienced this and if you had, what you did for it. Here's my current problem, The surgery was performed laproscopicly. There are several one inch incisions and one large two to two and ahalf inch incision. This incision has hyper extreme sensitivity to any sort of touch at all. I notice it most when I am fully dressed and while walking or just doing any torso movement whatsoever. If my shirt happens to slide across, or touch the incision, I feel excruciating pain. It's like i'm being burnt or shocked it makes me stop whatever I am doing and I have to raise my shirt up off or away from the incision and thats the only thing that seems to make it stop but only till I lower my shirt again.


Is this common? Anyone else experience this? If so did it last very long? Did it go away?


Thanks ahead of time for any answers or replies.




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    It will get better




    Sometimes they forget to tell you about Hell week.



    Each day will get a little better with maybe a bad day in between. If not see the doctor. Sounds like my first few days alnost 17 years ago.




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    Sorry for the news

    Sorry you had to join our group. I didn't have pain as you describe but was sensitive  and swollen well past surgery. If  it is that distressing to you, contact the surgeon again. Pain will slow down the healing. You will find reading past posts that you have to be your own Patient Advocate. Your in distress and need help. As Iceman has said, your body has been traumatised and healing is slow. It will get better. Sending some positive thoughts .

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    Mine was open surgery but

    Mine was open surgery but honestly, I did not experience such bad pain as you describe. Wasn't fun but not excruciating either. Everyone is different and perhaps the nerves were more injured in your case. Did you discuss the level of pain with your doc?

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    Please remember that EVERYONE

    Please remember that EVERYONE's experience is different and that does not mean something is wrong!  Another thing that happens is as time goes by our memory of what it was like is not exactly the same as what we were feeling when it happened. I do want to say as someone who had open surgery on 1/15 of this year, so not that long ago, that I would have characterized by pain as excruciated the day after surgery and as significant constant pain for about a week after surgery.  For me I can say it was at exactly one week that I felt well enough to stop pain meds, but there was still a lot of discomfort.  The difference was it was more manageable and triggered by particular activities, like getting in and out of a chair etc.  My doctor orginally said I would be home the day after surgery and that day I was in such pain I wouldn't have left even if that was what he was still recommending.  My guess is what you are feeling is unfortunately normal. At the same time I would not be shy about talking to the doctor and describing exactly what you are feeling.  My doctor told me to watch for specific things but that was after two weeks, snestivity to touch around the incision, redness, additional swelling or severe flank pain.  prior to two weeks after surgery I was told pain would be normal and was only todl to watch for fever, radical changes in urine or pus in or around the incision or drain. Hope this helps!

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    I want to add and stress that

    I want to add and stress that I was told to walk by my doctor and just about everyone else on here or that had had this procedure and I am absolutely certain it helped! I was walking a ton even during that first week and honestly felt better when walking then when not walking and I really believe that every day following days I was walking more were days where my progression accelerated! I would highly recommend walking as much as you can tolerate.

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    Mine was not a lap surgery;

    Just the 14" type, and yes it hurt a lot.  The skin, muscle fascia, nerves, and vessels in all those areas were cut or traumatized by the surgery.  And they all take time to heal.  Hopefully, you will notice a week to week change for the better.  Don't try to think daily, because that can be disappointing.

    In the past, I think most of us have found that soft, fine knit T shirt material or baby blanket flannel is the most comfortable.  Letting it slide over your skin can trigger the nerves around the incision, so just wrap it and secure it in place.  Even a gauze pad with skin glue to hold it on would be better than the movement on your skin.

    Tylenol or aceteminophen for discomfort now.  No NSAIDs, as they are processed in the kindey before being expelled.  Tylenol is process in the liver.

    Time will eventually get you there.  But, it sure can hurt.


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    So sorry you are suffering.

    So sorry you are suffering. Yes, the first week is difficult. I have had two laparopic type surgeries and found wearing a lumbar wrap helped support the sore muscles etc. 

    ICE< ICE< ICE helpls reduce swelling and pain faster than pain pills. I used few pain pills and by 5th day stopped them.

    I used ice in hospital but no nurse would give me any. So the PT therapist took a latex glove and filled it with ice cubes.

    Do NOT use ice cubes unless that is all you have. I used those freezer ice packets, putting the one over the larger incision and inside my lumbar wrap. The wrap helped me get UP from chairs and bed. I actually slept with it. Helped with turning in bed too.

    Walking helps too a lot!

    Let us know how you are doing. i hope you get relief soon. TAKE IT EASY! REST and Walk! and repeat that. 

    Your insides are healing and it takes time.

    ICE is MY message to you!


    Healing hugs, 


  • polishpipes10, are you

    polishpipes10, are you feeling any better now?  As someone else noted, everybody's experience may be a little different. I had an open surgery, and while there was some sensitiviy near the incision one week out, nothing like you have described.  From what a lot of people have said, the laparoscopic surgery is supposed to be less painful and have a shorter recovery time.  I went to the same surgeon as APny, but the surgeon we went to was top notch, and I had no issues post surgergy. 

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    I'm sorry for my tardiness, I'm doing MUCH better !

    Hello everyone, first of all I must say thank you to each and every one of you who took time to respond to me all your responses were very helpful. Again I apologize for the length of time that has lapsed since posting this. During the same time period of my surgery recovery, my constant companion, my best friend, my beautiful 16 year old Airedale Terrier Dylan passed away. I'll tell you one thing for sure, made me stop thin ing about my pain altogether when he passed. I was devastated by his death. This is the reason why It took me so long to respond to all you lovely people who sent me your advice. I am doing MUCH better now and I still get an occasional stab or jolt when doing anything that involves twisting my torso but aside from the back to 100%!! 


    Again I can't thank you all enough for all of your responses and shared experiences.


    Warm Regards to all,


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    welcome back-

    I'm so sorry about your Dylan - that must've been awful. But glad to hear you're doing better! 

    Here's to continued healing!


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    I am so sorry about Dylan.

    I am so sorry about Dylan. Losing a pet is like losing a big part of yourself. Total heartbreak. The only consolation is the many loving years you gave each other. I am, however, happy to hear you're doing better.