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Possible surgery?

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Hi all,


my dad was diagnosed two years ago with cancer with mets in liver and lungs. He also had a lesion removed from his brain with gama knife (it is not known if it was cancerous or not). After Folfox and Folfiri stopped working and liver mets grew a bit, he will start Lonsurf or Stivarga.


However, i found a specialsit surgeon in another country and asked him about operation. He saw the latest CT scan and said that lungs are almost clear and liver mets are not that many and not that big and they can be resected. I dont understand how it goes together with the treatment my dad has had for the last two years, but it is positive news anyway.

The operation is not possible right now because of the high cost, but I hope we will find solution soon.


Thanks for listening.

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I am sorry to hear about your dad's diagnosis and long struggle through treatment. 

What country do you live in and what country is the other specialist in, if you don't mind me asking?

I have known several on the fourm, across the years I have been here, who have gone to different countries for treatments, often a huge expense to the family budget.  Allot of folks went to Germany, where they have treatments that don't seem to be available here. 

I presume you have exhausted your search in your own country.  

You will find members here who have been or their loved ones have been deemed non-surgical, who have persevered and ended up with surgery, and I hope the same for your father. 

Again, welcome. 


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Thank you Tru. I am from Czech Republic and the specialist is in Switzerland, but I also wrote to other surgeon in Germany. I feel like doctors here prefer to stick with just ony type of treatment and do not look on cases individually, so I dont trust them very much.

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Welcome to the board and I'm sorry to hear about your father.  If things can progress with treatment and the mets shrink there is always a possibility that surgery can be achieved.  I'm glad that you are looking into other opinions as this gives you more avenues to think about.  Wishing the best for your dad.


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