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Mojo and the Knife..

Posts: 308
Joined: Oct 2018
Posts: 308
Joined: Oct 2018

Not sure what posted on this crazy site so trying again..I'm doing well. Sore and tired as expected. They want a bowel movement before they will release me so that is my  focus today. Theytook 80% of my right lobe of liver, my gallbladder, and did the colon resection. Doctors saw nothing else while looking around but paths on lymp nodes with the colon surgeon won't be back for a few days.Thank all of you for prayers and encouragement..powerful stuff. Hugs and much love!..M

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How wonderful to know you're feeling well enough to post on the forum so soon after surgery. This means if you can post, you can hobble down to the gift shop and get me something fabulous and expensive. Keep it stress free, if you don't care for their selection of Objects D Art simply wire me the cash value of what of whatever you would have spent on the gift - and don't forget the 25% service charge, because, well - just because. No need to thank me, it's my pleasure to grant you this small gesture of kindness. I even overwhelm myself  I could have just as easily demand a gift and  the cash I know what you're thinking, he's generous to a fault. I loved your kind words about bald heads and goatees, what can I say - I'm the spitting image of my mother even at ninety years of age (she'll  be 91 in March) When she and I are together it's impossible to tell us apart, oh the fun we have!

And when my Grandmother joins us? it's a virtual ocean of gleaming bald domes and high styled goatees. I'll send you some giant poster size photographs for those recovery room walls of yours. This way you'll have something gorgeous (my face) other than your beloved mountains to gaze upon as you get stronger each and every day.
Not a day goes by I don't think of you and hope with all my heart that you're sailing through this in your consummate, much loved and unforgettable style. To be so strong and look so divine three days post surgery is truly a miracle - you are a wondrous and precious soul. It's my hope that it's all as easy as pie from here on in. If you haven't, get that walker, Mine really helped me out those first few weeks post surgery. In fact, why buy new when I'll cut you a great deal on mine, this way you'll be getting one that's already proven itself in the field. Not to mention the custom chrome, the hand painted pin striping and butter soft Napa leather wrapped handlebars, I'll even autograph it for you. It's a once in a life time opportunity!
So avoid future regret and cough up the cash right now, I can ship her out as soon as tomorrow - I'll even check the air in tires and tidy up the on-board powder room and nail spa, talk about a sweet ride, with a sweetie at the helm - I'm off to write up your invoice. Wishing you all the laughter, love and the light of hope I can muster (I truly am) really, if I clench my teeth any harder I'll have to put them back in my mouth. Peter
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and to hear that you are doing as well as can be expected. 

Great news from the surgeon, and here's hoping path comes back clean. 

Be good and heal quickly. 


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I'm glad you were able to have the colon resection at the same time.  Hoping for the best news with your path results.  Rest and heal quickly.

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Glad to hear you are ok. Been thinking about you. Now rest and recover.  One thing at a time.

sending my love


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Ah, the bowel movement before discharge.  I even took a photo of it on the phone as proofUndecided.  The surgeon said she would take my word for it.  I am glad to hear you are doing well and wish you a fast recovery and good pathology results.

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Glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope you are home from the hospital and praying for a speedy recovery and clear lymph nodes.


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Lily Flower
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Glad to hear you're doing well after the surgery, mojo. Hope you're home now. While we always wish everyone a speedy recovery but we all know that recovery takes time. I know you might feel difficult to walk at first from soreness and weakness, but walking does speed up the recovery and also helps release lots of uncomfortable post surgery gas. Every week you will start to feel a little better and a little stronger. If you can, get yourself a little cart that you can keep next to you at all time for easy access when you go from bed to recliner chair. I love my little raskog cart i wheeled with me everywhere I went after my surgery. I kept my iPhone, iPad, pens, notebook for jotting notes, books for reading, medicines needed to take at the time, tissue, a bag for garbage, extra throw to keep warm, some snacks, I even had the laser light clicker toy for my kitties..lol. I hope your pathology report comes back with a good result. Sending prayers of strength and smooth recovery your way! Or that giant poster of Peter should definitely helps you recover. Lmao! 

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So glad to hear from you and it sounds like the surgery went as planned.  Praying that the path comes out clean.  Hope that your recovery is speedy.  Take it easy and rest when you feel you need to.  Thanks again for posting to let us know you are ok.



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