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NH lymphoma tumor of the hip

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Hello - my husband was diagnosed with DLBCL in late August - it started with a tumor (4cm) in the right acetabular hip. It required pelvic bone reconstruction, total reconstruction of the hip socket, and total hip replacement. Bone recovery could be up to two years; he had radiation therapy, and after two to three tretments, all PAIN disappeared (believe me, his pain was extreme!). The PET scan showed Stage 4 , with lung, bone and spleen involvement. He started his half-strength R-CHOP chemo last Friday. The strikes against him are several - he is overweight, inactive, and 86 years old! Cancer is a recurrent problem within his family. But he and I are fighting it with everything we have! We would like to hear from any couple out there in his age group battling the same problem...

I know we are not alone, but his age group is a very small and lonely group - so few are at his stage of life...welcome both good and not so good communications!!

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Although we all want to find someone along the same path, at some point we are all on individual journeys. At first, I had a few accompanying me in a tiny corner of the lyphoma world. But, after two relapses, and the development of two additional cancers, I was all alone. That did not alter my resolve to fight. You love each other and others love you. That alone is more than enough reason to fight. Honestly, I will never make it to 86. I cannot fathom making it to 76. It's a miracle I made it to 66.

There is some incredible toughness in him, to make 86 even in good health. There might also be a less harmful chemo regimen, such as Bendamustine + Rituxan, but that is up to the hematologist to decide. Has his case been reviewed by a lymphoma expert at a nationally accredited university or cancer research center? It is definitely worth it.      

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I'm sorry about your husband's situation.  Many oncologists would not put an 86 year old on even first-line chemo, but as you know all-well, some do.  There is a regular contributor at my other cancer's Board (Prostate), who is 92 and doing quite well. His wife, of around the same age, recently was cured (it seems) of melanomia.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously beat both colorectal and pancreatic cancers several years ago, something virtually unheard of at any age (Colorectal, 1999; pancreatic, 2009 . Former senator Arlen Spector died at 82 in 2011 of my strain of Hodgkins Disease, but he had fought through two relapses, and was receiving active treatments until the end (more precisely, his indolent HL had morphed on the second relapse into an aggressive Large-B NHL).  So one never knows.

I would say that the overwhelming age bracket for writers here is 40-75 (Lymphoma in young adults is extremely rare), but hopefully someone will respond.

This CNS site has a specialty Board for Senior Survivors.  I have never looked at it, but give it a try (scroll down the page to Other Discussion Boards).

Regardless, I know that I and undoubtedly everyone here is delighted to have you on board. Please continue to write as you see fit.  May he beat all the odds,


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