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finger neuropathy-post chemo

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Completed Capeox version of chemo January 10 after 24 weeks.  Neuro in first three fingers of right hand began with Infusion #2 and has persisted after cessation of chemo: numbness (exacerbated with pressure from writing, typing, piano, etc.) + sense of swelling + low-level tingling.  Cancer survivor friend strongly recommended B-12.  I've been taking it despite normal test readings of B-12.  Neuro seems to be diminishing in fits and starts.  (Also have neuro in feet--predominantly left foot, but I ignore it.)  Any insights to share?  Paul Parlato; Springfield, Ohio


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600 mg twice a day.  Glutamine was also suggested.  And I was told B-6, not B-12.  Good luck.


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The studies of L-glutamine suggest that it may be effective during chemotherapy for reducing peripheral neuropathy. I couldn't find any studies that mentioned L-glutamine as being effective after chemotherapy was completed.


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Time has helped me.  Also, it may sound strage, but long bouts of exercise--hiking hard for 8-10 hours (especially on a hot day), seems to help to access the corners (and nerves) where the chemicals may be stored.  I remember on my first post-chemo hike I had a return of chemo symptoms while hiking.  I figured it was a good thing because hopefully I was accessing some of the areas where chemo was hiding and burning it off.  This is probably just an individualistic justification of my hobby, but hey, you never know.

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I also have Neuropathy in my fingers and lower legs.

While getting my Avastin shot, another cancer patient suggested I try CBD Oil.

I’ve been reluctant to try it, when I did I got some relief....

Give it a try and see if it helps. That’s CBD Oil with NO THC (NOT HEMP OIL)

Good Luck

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My chemo nurse told me to try Nature Made Vitamin B Complex specifically instead of B-12.  This worked wonders for my neuropathy. 

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I am five years out and still have neuropathy in fingers (mild) ad from below my knees down into my feet.   I don't take anything in the way of supplements, but I have noticed that my symptoms are exacerbated by excess sugar.  If I go a little crazy eating cake and whatnot, then I am sure to suffer the next few days, until it is out of my system. 

Something to watch for.   I keep a detailed food diary, and it has helped me tremendously. Of course, I sill overdo it in all areas of gluttony, but at least I know I'm to blame and not the dreaded C. 

Welcome to the forum, and best of luck. 


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I had neuropathy in my fingers, bottom of my feet and toes.  My fingers are fine now but my feet are slightly numb.  They don't hurt but it feels like I always have socks on.  My nurse practioner said exercise can possibly help with nerve repair.  I've found time and exercise have helped. I was also told glutamine may help lessen the neuropathy.

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Ditto me!  AND THE SOCKS ALWAYS FEEL FOLDED!!  It drives me nuts. 

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My daughter has had 3 infusions.  Her eyes have been affected, each time it's been worse.  Having the lights on hurts her eyes and all the muscles around the eyes ache all day long.  Anybody else have this problem?  We're eating dinner by candlelight.

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Can I sugggest you post a brand new thread here on the Colorectal home page   https://csn.cancer.org/forum/128   That way we don't run up pparlato's thred.  

We would also like to know what cocktail of drugs she is getting, as there are several different ones, each with their own little package of blessings - I mean side effects. 

I was on FOLFOX & 5FU, and I did and still do expereince eye problems. 

Again, welcome, and I am so sorry abuot your daughter. As a mother, I know how hard it is to see a child struggle with a devestating illness; any illness, actually. 

Look forward to seeing your new post. 


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