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My daughter asked my surgeon if I needed a Cone of Shame...

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Joined: Mar 2010

He thought I did...


Me and my comfort animal - Effie the Octopus, ready for the ride home.


Cone of Shame

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Joined: Jun 2017

That is too funny!

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Joined: Jan 2013

Keep posting those pictures, Alice.   I want to see one of you out on the water. 

Be good, and heal quickly.


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Joined: Jan 2019

You have sad puppy eyes.

Posts: 108
Joined: Apr 2016

 Its no wonder they all thought you needed a cone of shame after dancing when you were supposed to be resting Wink. Too funny. Get well soon!


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Lily Flower
Posts: 254
Joined: Jul 2017

Oh my goodness Alice, he really did give you the cone of shame. Haha too funny! Love your sense of humor!

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Joined: Apr 2015

So glad you, your daughter, and your surgeon have such a great sense of humor.Smile

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Yup with that look you have, the cone of shame stands out.  Keep up the humor.  Thinking of you.  You have been such an inspiration on this board.


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Joan M
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Joined: Oct 2016

Thanks for the bit of humor .  I just saw this so it was perfect start for a Monday morning. 

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