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Good CEA News

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CEA is a funny thing. For some people it's very indicative of what's going on with their cancer, for others not so much. My understanding is that normal is under about 6 but smokers can have it as high as 13 without having cancer. And things like inflammation or illness can factor it. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

When I was first diagnosed and had one big tumour in my colon my CEA was 1. It stayed that way for a couple of years. Then, when it showed up in my left lung it went up. And seems to be a good indicator ever since.

This time, before I started treatment again, it was 57. After the first treatment it went down to 44. After the second it went down to 27. I saw my onc today and after the third treatment it's at 11. I don't think it's been that low since it first went up. I have three more treatments to go and I'm hoping that maybe this time the big tumour that hasn't responded to treatment, while the others have, is finally responding. This is so exciting! And I'm feeling good! I'm scared to be too optimistic and hope that it will eliminate it but it's happened to other people before.

I'm just walking on air. If I can get through all 6 treatments maybe I'll have a chance at that brass ring, NED. I've never made it past 4 treatments in the past on this immunotherapy drug. The time I did 4 I ended up in the hospital with sepsis and was sick for a long time after. I'm having side effects, for sure, but I'm praying I get all 6 under my belt without incident.

I'm just so happy I had to share this. But I want this for everyone! For all of us. 

Love you guys!


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I'm glad you are hearing good news! I'm praying you make it through all of your treatments and you are able to grab that big brass ring! You have been an inspiration to me.


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Joan M
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You've been so strong and survived so many adversities, praying things go well for you, Jan.

Please let us know how the next treatment goes too.


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celebrating with you.


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That is wonderful news.  You should be walking on air.  It sounds like the CEA is now a good indicator of you now so that's a great response you have had to the treatment.  I'm praying that you can get through the rest of the treatments. 


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Canadian Sandy
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Great news!

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Congratulations on the lower CEA. Anytime we can celebrate is good. Stay positive and keep battling to get the remaining treatments. You are a courageous fighter. 

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Great news Jan and a step in the right direction, certainly worth celibrating..................................................Dave

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