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Video Game and Emotions

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I'm not sure if that's a good topic title but I wanted to share something that I found interesting. My daughter plays a game called Red Dead Redemption. It's set in the old west and is very realistic right down to things like taking care of your horse and training it and all kinds of things. The other day her character contracted tuberculosis. He'd been sick and coughing and getting weak for some time. He finally saw a doctor and was told this is what he had. Video games have come a long ways since I played Pong as a teenager.

Anyway, the point of my post is this. She started to feel the emotions we've been through. Hopelessness, wondering how long he had, feelings of 'why bother, I'mgoing to die anyway', things like that. She realized it when she almost started crying. Then she snapped out of it and told me about it.

She's my daughter and loves me and would be devaststed to lose me but she said she's never known what it's like to actually be me and it really got her thinking. It also validates some of what I feel or have felt.

I hope this isn't a silly post and has some relevancy. 


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Your daughter learned a valuble life lesson; sharing that with us is not at all silly. 

I had no idea games to get to complex. 


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Children sometimes come to the realization of our disease in different ways.  I'm glad she thinks she knows what you are going through as it can help you become closer.  Sometimes our kids just don't get it though.  Can't say all my 8 were all that knowing as they were all out of the house at that time and didn't see what was happening but I'm glad your daughter is talking to you about it. That's really important.


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