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Long term side effects

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Hello!  18 years ago I was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for Hodgkins Disease (chemo and radiation).  I am so honored to be a survivor!  Now, almost 20 years later I am having some major health issues and the more research I do, I seem to find that there are some long-term side effects to having had cancer treatments.  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced long-term effects and what they are and how you are treating them.  I guess I was young and naive and thought that once I was in the clear, it was for good, unless another cancer popped up!  For me, I'm noticing that I am aging faster, something I'd read was possible.  I've also developed some really awful gut issues that no dr. has been able to help me out with - yet...  I appreciate anyone's willingness to share.  Sometimes I feel so alone in all of this - no one understands or seems to believe me, think I'm just passing it off as an excuse, which isn't my intention at all!  I'd love to hear from others!  Thanks!

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I am new to CNS. I am 6 years post treatment for Thyroid Cancer.  The long term side effects for me are...NO Speech, Swallowing Difficulty, and even Breathing Issues.

I see alot of posts for people currently going through treatment but that is not where I am at.  Please conctact me if you are interested in sharing.  Thanks!!

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41 years since radiated for hodgkins as a teenager and the pain is inevitable and so is stomach issues and some usual stuff like tiredness, weakness etc but nothing that a good thought can fix. I used to think taking pills to fix the ailments was the answer but as we well know that only brings about other problems and more pain so I researched medical journals and read books to live with my pain and limitations without meds to fix things. Hodgkins survivors often have heart, hormone and thyroid issues late in life so keep an eye on things. I also have what they call "dropped head syndrome" my neck and upper back muscles have atrophied from radiation so I can no longer hold my head up throughout the day without holding it with my hands or resting . Despite the pain and often anger and sadness I have learned to move on and live with the baggage of  my survivor mental and physical scars. There are books out there for positive ways to live as a survivor just keep an eye out for the potential problems from the long-term affects of the cancer treatment. 

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