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Benefits of lemon and lemon oil for cancer

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I decided to post a new thread after reading some of the older comments on lemons
as well as some of the new ones.

Let me say congratulations to bea-mil on your nine year anniversary. I am very happy for your success.   

For those that know my story, I was healed from metastatic cancer using integrative oncology, a
combination of some standard cancer treatment along with many complementary treatments, 
which does include using lemon juice and a well known supplement with anti-cancer properties called Di-limonene,
which comes from lemon and orange peels. I am 6 months away from my 5 year anniversary. I remain cancer free.
I too use no chemo or radiation or any type of cancer drugs. My last chemo was May 2015. (I only had 6 treatments of Taxol/Carbo). 

For all those skeptics, first let me say that no one treatment or supplement cures cancer. Cancer
has to be healed by getting your body back into a balanced and healthy state. And that takes many
things. Supplements don't cure cancer, they supplement your body with the vitamin and mineral
deficiencies we possess. Our cells are made of vitamins and minerals- it's the reason we eat food.
Because of the polluted soil where crops are grown, the chemicals sprayed on the crops, GMO foods,
processed foods, most of us don't get all the necessary vitamins and minerals we need from food
alone. That is where supplements come in.

Many supplements also possess ingredients that plants and fruits themselves use to protect them from pests. 
And it's some of those same ingredients that have been shown to have anti-cancer properties. 
That does not mean they cure cancer.  Consider supplements another "tool in the cancer tool box" to
get your body back to a healthy state.  When you develop cancer, you are not healthy, though you may
not even know what conditions you have or that some of those conditions led to your cancer.

Lemons and lemon oil have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for at least 1000 years.  It is always
interesting to me how Western medicine always criticizes Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine when these
methods have been practiced much longer, for thousands of years, not hundreds.

Lemons help keep the body alkaline- cancer thrives in an acidic environment (Many of foods people eat
are very acidic). That's why an organic diet is so important. You need to keep your body in an alkaline
state and lemons help with that -I put the juice of 1/2 lemon in my daily smoothie.  Lemon juice also helps to detox
the liver (the liver was only one location where I had metastases). The liver is the most important organ in
the body and it is the most popular site of metastasis.

I mentioned that I use an anti-cancer supplement called Di-limonene, which contains lemon and orange
peels.  The peels contain terpenes, organic compounds that have anti-cancer properties. Some fruits with terpenes
include berries, cherries, peppermint (I put all these in my daily smoothie) and rosemary (I take a daily rosemary
supplement). Rosemary also helps with liver support.

Lemons are also known to work as an antimicrobial agent (haven't you ever wondered why most of your
laundry and household cleaning products contain lemon?) There you go. And 20% of all cancer are derived 
from bacteria and viruses.

Lemon oil also stimulates lymphatic drainage- and many women with cancer suffer from lymphedema.

Too many people are too quick to disparage supplements and herbs because they do not understand the
background and ingredients in the products and how they work.  As I said, no one supplement will cure

I trully believe that the only way to heal cancer for the long term is by the use of integrative oncology.
There are no long term cures from the cancer industry for advanced and metastatic cancer.  The prognosis
for metastatic endometrial cancer is that it is incurable.  I do not believe that. I believe you can heal your cancer.
But you can't do it by just using standard cancer treatments, as patients quickly become chemo resistant and some of the newer
targeted therapies and immunotherapy only work for a short time. You have to do more. That's why
complementary treatments are so important.  Your cells recognize chemotherapy as a poison (our cells
have efflux pumps to keep poisons out-many believe this may be why chemotherapy is not more successful).
But cancer cells will take in healthy foods and supplements that contain other organic anti-cancer
compounds and not see them as poison.  This is how they can help you. When you have metastatic cancer,
you need a very comprehensive plan to sneak up on the cancer.










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I just want you to know I've walked the same path as you and reached similar conclusions. 

Kudos to you for being proactive.

Congratulations on your success,


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I always like the detail you give in your posts. Here, you don't just say "lemons cure cancer" you give detail as to what role it plays in the overall picture. I'm familiar with the need to prevent an acid environment in our bodies and that while one may think lemons are acidic because of their sourness, they counterintuitively digest as alkaline. I learned that during chemo when I was told to avoid acidic foods to prevent mouth sores. We all wonder what we can do for ourselves after treatment and getting our bodies into a better place than they were before we were diagnosed is not a bad idea. That includes losing weight, excersizing, and healthier eating. 

Any chance you'd share your smoothie recipe? You've mentioned it in bits and pieces in other posts, but it would be nice to have it all in one place. So glad to hear you're doing well, you've been quiet for awhile.

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I'm happy to share my daily smoothie recipe.  I started making this smoothing almost four years ago to the day, after I first
met with my integrative oncologist, who made the recommendation.  At the time, I was in the middle of my chemo, so 
making a smoothing was a good way to easily absorb important nutrients.  I have made this smoothie for the past four years
every day- I used to make it for breakfast but now make it for lunch.

1) Berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, cranberries)berries are some of the best known anti-cancer fruits
Berries contain a cancer inhibiting compound called ellagic acid, particularly raspberries and strawberries.
2) Greens (spinich, kale or chard)- I choose one each day
3)Vegetables (celery, cauliflower beets, ginger, peppermint, carrots,broccoli)- I vary this each day-I never ate enough
vegetables so I throw in the vegetables I don't like to eat individually, like broccoli)
4)Juice of half a lemon (to detox the liver and make the body alkaline)
5)1/2 bottle Kombucha- add bottled water to get enough liquid

Supplements added:
-1TBsp of MCT oil (a form of coconut oil)
-1TBsp concentrated black raspberry powder (the best of all the berries)
-1tsp dried organic apple peel powder (or you can add an actual apple) I eat a granny smith apple every night-
the quercetin in apple peel also inhibits cancer stem cells
-concentrated red powder (berries) and green powder (vegetables)
-1tsp liquid anthocyanins (resveretrol, which inhibits cancer stem cells)

Sometimes I add fresh pineapple to the mix or mango or banana to the smoothie. I always use organic
fruits and vegetables. Obviously, you can mix it up according to your tastes. Sometimes I even add a tsp of
cocoa powder to the mix when I add banana.

Once the smoothie is blended, I add in two more supplements-
-Maitake D fraction liquid (medicinal mushroom, 40 drops) boosts your natural killer cells, the seal team of our immune system
- IMN-R (an herbal liquid supplement  that detoxifies the blood)

All these supplements were recommended by my integrative oncologist who had a PHd in molecular biology.

At least I know I'm finally getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in my diet now.





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