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Sort of good news

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Ok so the PET scan report was released to my patient portal and the little beasts are responding to the everolimus. Still have some active disease in the lungs but the other lesions in my bones, lymph nodes have less FDG SUV uptake thingy!! There was no discussion of activity in my ribs and some other bone areas so I take that as a good sign the cancer is responding to the oral chemo. Will talk to doc on Friday and get her opinion on the results.... but thankgoodness the results don't say 'significantly worse progression' like the previous one!! So I am thankful (thank you Jesus) for the small changes even if they are small. xoxo

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That sounds like great news Lulu! Please come back and let us know what you doctor says.

Love and Hugs,



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Slow but steady progress is still progress. Happy for this positive news and praying the progress continues!

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You are well ahead of where you were when you began this therapy.  Take your victory lap!  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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So happy to hear it Lulu!

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you'll take a lot of little steps any day!  Great news!

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Every one. Congrats!

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of any size!

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So happy to hear about your good report.  How many treatments of everolimus have you had? And what was the time frame of the scans?  Going to talk to my doctor about this pill tomorrow.  Thank you for sharing!

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Hi Blondeandblue

I started the everolimus in Dec for 28 days but had to come off for 10 days due to transitioning to COBRA insurance and then started it again Jan 19 for another 28 days. My PET was Dec 12 then it was repeated in Feb ...2 months later. Hope that helps. 


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Sounds like you are holding your own. I haven’t read much about this compound but sounds like it is helping you. Thanks for sharing your good news! Every little improvement is a step in the right direction. Keep us posted on your progress towards NED . 


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Yes every small sucess we need to celebrate. I really like my present gyn/onc she listens to me and I feel has my best interests at heart. After getting all my genomic testing results back she wants to present my case to the 'Microsatellite tumor board' and ask for their recommendations. She said there are some very smart people on the board and she would like their input so we wait to see what they suggest. I am open to a clinical trial and she had already talked about one that uses immunotherapy and chemo (oh well there goes my hair again!!). So we wait to see what the next treatment plan will be. And yes I would love to hear those words....NED!!! Praying this may happen!! 


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