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gas and bloating

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I started feeling gassy ever since i drank barium suphate when doing a CT scan for confirming my hodgkin  lymphoma.

I continue to feel gassy after chemo started. I also get bloating feeling about 10 days after chemo.

My question is has anyone had the same experience?

How to avoid the gas and bloating?

what diet to others with hodgkin lymphoma follow



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It almost sounds as though you had a reaction to the contrast - which is not all that uncommon. Most treatments also attack rapidly-dividing cells, which your small and large intestines are composed of. Some experience major changes in bowel function, so it would be prudent to place a call into doctor or nurse for some guidance in your particular case.

As to diet, consider eating the healthiest diet that will stay down. At some point along my journey, I had to resort to milkshakes, as that was the only thing palatable and which would stay down. Not a recommended steady diet, but we live from day to day when in treatment.

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Thank You. I am trying to stick to Low FODMAP diet and its mostly helping reduce the gas. Bloating can be reduced by avoiding high fibre diet or supplements like Metamucil.

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Ramp, I'm sorry you are having these problems. There was a conversation here about a year ago that you may find helpful. Click on the link below:

Simple Things 

I hope this helps.



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Thank You

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In 2012 following a colonoscopy, NHL was diagnosed.  Found in a polyp.  Staged at 1(E).  We have been watching and waiting for 7 yrs.  No symptons, no abnormal labs, clean colonoscopies... until now.  Just recieved the pathology back from Feb. 2019 colonoscopy and it showed CLL.  In researching I see that these two conditions seem similar.  CT's will be done this week and we will see his hemotologist on Mar. 15th.  I am not freaking out like I did in 2012 since there has been little change in my lifestyle.  Trying hard to remain calm this time.  Has anyone else had an experience similar to this.  Blessings.

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