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jaw problem

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hello, haven't been in this site in a long time. hubby had surgery in 2014 for throat / oral cancer. he has had his ups and downs but overall doing good. had to have some follow up surgeries to make him a nasal drainage system. best way to  describe it as the surgery left him with no nasal opening and no where for natural drainage. tubes in ears and wow he could hear again. over all he keeps his weight steady. we have learned to adapt. that is tell this last couple of weeks. he grab his bottom has and said I think it broke! it has so much hardware in it I didn't think it could happen. we are getting so close to the wonderful 5 year mark. final got results and the jaw is broke. he has infection in it. send him to an infection doctor and try to save his jaw.if not they are talkin talking removal of the jaw bone and hardware from his main surgey. so at lose on more surgeries what to expect. trying to take it one day at a time. hard. looking for any information I can find. anyone else have any of these issues thanks so much

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You folks are dealing with a difficult situation. I cannot give you any input personally but just wanted to say prayers your way and I have read on here people have talked about teaching hospitals being a source of help so maybe you can search them out and find an option. God Bless-

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My husband's primary cancer was in his jaw.  He had radiation prior to removal of his mandible on the right side, along with a partial neck dissection.  His surgery involved replacing his mandible with his fibula and a titanium plate. Apparently, this bone is not necessary for walking, as it is on the outside of the tibia.  His recovery was excellent (after a few hiccups).  He did require a temporary tracheostomy and PEG tube, but has was able to resume a regular diet after a few months.  He went to physical therapy for a short time to help him with some balance issues.  Because his fibula (his new jaw bone) was never radiated, and the tissues that received radiation were removed in surgery, he was a candidate for dental implants.  We had to fight like heck to get insurance to pay for them, but luckily they did.

This was not an easy journey by any stretch of the imagination, but he pulled through and is now 7 years (as of 2/27) post surgery.


Good luck and God Bless!

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Thank you very much for sharing your husbund's story. I was treated for tonsil ssc ın 2016. Last week I have learnt that I have ORN in my jaw. I was offered some medical treatment and HBOT. If they do not work, ı will be candidate for jaw reconstruction. I am so scared. Thanls again for sharing.

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