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The Energizer Bunny

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He will never cease to amaze me this Energizer Bunny I am married to! Thursday he had the second round on the Thermospheres and here today his is up and about and driving me batty. He won't stop! I keep reminding him don't bend, don't lift, don't climb the stairs! I finally have him sitting in the recliner and what is he doing? He's on his laptop order parts to fix the double oven. He is non stop. always on the go even when he is not supoosed to be. I wonder if I could get a tranquizer dart prescribed to knock him down when he should be resting. So what's next for him? Who knows the next scan is scheuled for the March 11th. They will then decide what, if anything else can be done. Praying so hard it gets him to the surgical status! In the meantime more chemo pills and Erbitux. 

The chemo pills have been making him feel funky for a few hours after taking them. Eating something seems to help somewhat but he has also been on some heavy duty antibiotics too that are disagreeing with him. His Erbitux rash has gotten infected yet again. The antibiotic gel just doesn't seem to clear it up enough, that or he waits too long to apply. His vanity still gets in the way, he doesn't want for me to look at it. 

The kids were picking there classes for next years schedule and I am excited to say that Jamison will finally be in his first advanced placement class! His civics teacher had recommend he take AP History and I signed off on it. He really does have quite the passion. Together we have been going antiquing and he is working on his collection of Military and War memorabilia. Last weekend he acquired a WW2 life vest and a paratrooper uniform. He tried talking me into buying him a letter from a civil war soldier written to his family, but I told him the money tree is not growing as fast as it once was. Of course he wants to go to the big Antique Extravaganza in Mt Dora today. It's georgous out so maybe we will go for a couple of hours, that is if I can get Jim to lay down and rest while we go. I can picture him building a barn when I leave.... 


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It sounds like life continues and that’s awesome. Your husband sounds very much like my father. Always working on something. my dad just passed last year at age 92. during his life he had heart disease, two quadruple bypass surgeries, and prostate cancer. Nothing slowed him down.

glad to hear you are enjoying your life.


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That's what it's all about! Be strong, live strong, don't let this crap get you down if you can help it. I'm happy to hear that he's doing so well! 


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