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Preventative Brain Radiation

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I wanted to create a new subject to maybe get some feedback. My wife has Stage 4 SCLC which I assume is extensive since it was in her lung, liver near each kidney, and 2 lymph nodes. The word extensive never came up. She went through 15 Chemo treatments, the last of which almost killed her. She was in the hospital for a week and rehab for a week to get her back to walking. Her WBC was at .3. She had good response to Chemo and had a recent Pet Scan. The only place the Cancer showed up was 1 spot in the liver she had 3 there.

So now the plan is using the Cyberknife on the spot in her liver with 3 treatments and 10 low dose radiation treatments to her brain, preventative. She is having an MRI of her brain and hoping and praying that it is still negative.

Is there anyone here who has undergone this procedure? Any comments would be appreciated PLEASE? She will be considered in full remission after the Cyberknife. I am so afraid of losing her. I am almost 69 and she is 66. Too damned young. We were finally going to enjoy our retirement. I always figured I would be the first to go. I have a lot of health problems she didn't.

The part we are concerned with is the low dose radiation. I've had the Cyberknife and it worked well for me but I just had a small spot of NSCLC and it is completely gone.

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